Watch... You... Bleed...


I stand before you

Giving you ample generosity that crossed the line of courtesy long ago and my patience was worn thin

Being Mister Polite has, I guess, diluted your sense of respect

Neutralized the humanitarian within you

But now my 2 open hands has changed into 2 clinched fists,

Soon beating you into unconsciousness  

Consecutive blows that wail with painful precision

Your nose


Your lip


Your gut

Imprinted with my own personalized knuckles

And I pause, only to concentrate my power

My last swing strikes the cushiony mesh of your stomach, puncturing your inner walls, breaking your now hollow hull of skin and bones reaching through the other side.

I retrieve my stained arm only to watch you squirm for your last breath of air on the floor you now cower above

I stomp your face down to the earth to taste the dirt worth more than your sack of flesh

Only to watch.


Watch you bleed on the ground...

And I proceed on to the next customer in line


Yes, how may I help you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspiried by, none other, my workplace and listening to Finger Eleven's lastest cd: The Greyest of Blue Skies (a SLAMMING cd!!!)

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Matt Handlos's picture

That was pretty fucking funny. I can see how people get so angry with customers. I think that would go good with some music. Ever thought of putting something together? Might sound good with some Finger eleven-ish music to it. Or perhaps something a bit heavier. Keep up the good work. and remember "the bloodier the better"

Dead Poet's picture

hehe, hi there, haven't seen you for a bit. sense of sensibility often times i don't use the word to describe anoter version of the same word, but you used it pretty well here. My last swing strikes the cushiony mesh of you perhaps you mean(your) stomach, i try to picture this in my head... but i can't position anything... you're standing above? or what is above? I retrieve my stained arm only to watch you squirm for your last breath of air on the floor now cower above heh, i don't know what's the meaning behind the ending, but neat. makes me afriad of tellers at a bank and retailers, except they're most often afraid of me ;P. until the next piece keith.

Jicotea antillana's picture

Very angry, in a superficial, pissy way. Do you work in retail, in the returns area, customer service? Just wondered. I'd be interested in reading your poem about the other side of that anger and misanthropy. When the adrenaline dissipates and you're left with sorrow.

Melvin Lee's picture

Unexpected ending in the end, Keith...interesting and thoughtprovoking too. Smilesz. intense? Perhaps... I like the title too...captures the reader immediately!! Bravo! Thanxs for sharing. hope u read and like my new poems too!! byes.

Didi Menendez's picture

Ah our most wanted wish as we wait for the next customer........ d.