Your Time Is Now

For too long we have been tied and bonded by this 4-year sentence.

Waiting to venture into the deep and treacherous waters that so many before us have proved to be unforgiving.

But now, there is no longer any need to fret, for a brand-new dawn awaits us.

It is such a dawn that shines light to where there was once darkness and confusion.

And at long last, your time is now and it is your turn to step up to the plate.

To test the wings that you have obtained during cultivation and soar into the majestic skies of prosperity.

Your time is now

To grab the baton that has been passed to you in the 400-meter dash of life.

Your time is now

To fire up the ignition, put the transmission in drive, and rip off the pavement during your journey's highway.

Opportunity is now in your horizon

Plot a course and rush into it

And let nothing hinder your fruitful garden of ambition from attaining its most glorious harvests.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I was chosen to add one of my personal pieces in the yearbook of my high school, I wrote this poem dedicated to my fellow classmates...

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Melvin Lee's picture

WOowowow...this is a most wonderful way to end your 4 years there... they must have been pleased by such words u penned in the book, eh??.Well, i would!!! U captures the feelings very well - i remember feeling so, when i ended my college days....the days of being brave and invulnerable....of being wild and carefree. Smilesz...those were the days,.