The Dependency

When I need you

I look towards the stars and I see you

I look at my arms and I feel us of our past embrace

And sometimes, I need to glance inside my mind

To relive the times when your eyes where mine and mine


To a time where you gave me safe haven inside your world

I need you to forget

I need you to blind me from the circus slums of this world that besiege me

When I am low

I turn to you for rejuvenation

I turn to you to parasite

I can't let go

My will is ill-impregnable

And resistance opposing this force, this urge is futile against my restraints

With my strength yielded and my white flag cast; willingly

I permit you to envelop my senses and take control

Allowing souls to siphon, to converge

And I will return soon

Because you are my dependency

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