*Wasted Time*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

I ask thee above 
What is my purpose Down Below 
Why do you keep sending a different love 
Why this pain you bestow

Wasted time 
Is all it seems That i have 
What is the purpose for my talent to rhyme 
Please tell me what to do for my be half 
I ask of you to just let me be able to laugh

If it weren't for my little one God 
Id be up there with you 
Making a difference in heaven 
But I'm so confused i don't know what to do

Why must i be down here 
Everyone doesn't like me 
And no one shows that they care 
The ones that show true feelings are taken not free

Still i cant fight the temptation 
I've made a sin 
I cant stop the love making 
No matter what way i look at my situation 
I can never win

So there goes wasted time 
On those days that i have nothing planned 
As i sit here time has passed by 
Thinking where am i going to stand 
Thinking were ill end up

Where am i going to go 
Sometimes at night i just sit here and cry 
Asking God my purpose on earth 
Why wont you let me know 
Other times i wish i were with you 
I wished just to die

I have no understanding on things 
On the way of the direction 
Or what God brings 
Even on how to really show affection

Wasted time 
My life is such a mess 
And its probably not worth a dime 
What God has in store for me 
I'll just sit here and guess 
And all this wasted time from it ill never be


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