Warped Existence

Self Loathing



Never been the one

To stand and fight

For the dreams

That sore so high


I’m the one that hides

With fear inside

Living on burnt memories


Can’t seem to find

A fresh start

A new beginning

Without hindering hands


That grasp my sanity                      

Preventing me

To take a stand


I’m hurting and bleeding

From self-inflicted moods

When will I learn to love?

And heal these open wounds


How can I stop dying on the inside?

Rotting and withering away

Picking up my shattered pieces

In hope, that they’d stay



Breaking free from this hold

No longer listening to what I’m told

I’m sold on this future, meant to be


All these thoughts

Crashing down

The storm’s coming

And I’m here waiting


Can’t be hell bound

Chains wrapped around me

Screams with no sound


Sold on stories told

Silver linings and sun shine

Coming after the rain

Please erase this pain, warring


Ripping off this sorrow

Like clothes off my back

There can only be a better tomorrow


So let the rain come

Wash me clean

Swipe the things off my plate

That keep me, from me



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lizardking's picture

self inflicted moods

a vicious cycle of sin and sadness.. i have been there, and while it is hard to break free from, the strength is inside you. dig deep. real deep. deeper. and remember, jesus loves you :)

truthintragedies's picture

I tell myself he loves me

I tell myself he loves me everyday. Lifes a blessing. Dowsing myself in Him and always looking forward. Thanks for the love!

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**