Day Of Un-Embraced

Used and Abused, taunted and not flaunted as a wife to be

Nor as the mother of our child, is the permanent stones of mistakes

That I have made as the points, in a place where he lives

By what he is capable to create. Debated daily about the truth,

Frustrations, enforcement to be silenced.

Transformed my easy forgiving heart is abandoned

And more than just torn apart. Each day for

About two years now and finally I just became hateful towards

Those who lie behind lies..... As to being a young woman independent,

Attending school, making payments on a ride, along with

Raising not only one but two of her own babies

That suddenly seen this psychic lady that had not only warned

But secretly had planned to keep my life torn in order

To take what I was to be blessed with out of  jealousy, my life turned

Completely down a twist leaving me to be launched off a cliff...

                                                                                          Marcelina Flores

                                                                                         -June 30th 2014-

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