heart broken

*You Don't Love Me Like You Use To*


 November.3.2013 7:20pm

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


It seems like you're slipping away

This thought could be wrong

I just want you to stay

Our love to be strong


I don't want it to be just about sex

Or who could tease more

I just want to hold you till next

I want you to adore 


You don't love me like you use to

Like the first day we really met

Then it's like you knew

You had our life set


Now it seems like you don't give

You don't hold me as much

Without you I won't live

All the time I want to feel your touch


Baby I love you too much to let go

So I hold on

I think you don't know

I hope when you figure it out it's not long


You are the only one for me 

There is no way I would leave

Can't you see 

What can I do to make you believe


I can't sleep at night

Knowing what I know

How can I make you understand

Your love I just want you to really show

If you're not here where is my heart

Suppose to land


I gave you my heart

It seems like you don't care

But everything is falling apart

Why are you so afraid to share


Your thoughts and dreams

Together with you would make me

So filled with joy

Together we would make a wonderful team

Someday in the future I'd like to have your boy


There is one source of love 

And you and I can cherish

The blue sky above 

If you tell me bye my heart wil parish


It's like you don't love me 

Like you use to

Inside my heart bleeds 

I wish you knew

That my heart..you is all it needs




Happy Go Lucky

There was this one guy,

Fun and games were all he wants.

And there she was,

Sweet, pure, special and innocent.


Walks on the beach every night,

With one kiss that changes all.

She took the risk,

She knew he was worth it.


He left her without a word,

Breaking her.

oh loaded gun I thought you were the one

Them hearts be breaking
Them winds be shakin
The walls down
Down to the ground
I'm stumbling
I can't move steady
I'm high off the ground
Just when I thought I knew you
You blew out a gun and said I'm going to shoot you.
Bang to my head because I let you out if my heart
So you had no choice but to attack my logic instead
I can't believe that this is the same person that I share the same bed at night.
Once I'm nursing my wound caused by his loaded gun I'll be alright.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I will leave room open for interpretation

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