Blank page

A blank page,

Lets me see clearly,

Release my inner rage

It's where I can be, myself,

The state of my, mental health,

improves, I never wrote, to chase wealth,

I'm making moves,

My kids don't listen,

being a better parent is my daily mission.

This is a quick insight, maybe I'm not right 

A blank page

Let's me see clearly 

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Under Skin

Self Loathing

These demons inside me

Stretch this body; so worn

Wearing me like prideful skin

Comfort is never born

Damned a daughter of Darkness

It leads, whenever I stand

"Come with me" it whispers

As its slowly giving a hand

Ripples under skin

Tingling down my spine

Where is the light so needed?

Where is the divine?

It's slithering through my veins

Beating with every thought

"Rest your head" it whispers

"I'll give you everything you've sought"

Fighting within myself

Will it ever go?

Or will I be lost forever?

The Darkness loving to sow

I feel like this is the end

How can I spread this out?

Justifying my passage not clear

Still swallowed by its wrathful clout