Final moment

The Subconcious Parting Gift

Have you ever experienced a moment of death?

A moment some may believe to be dreadful,



The thing is, it's not.

In fact it's quite the opposite.

Never can there be another moment in life as beautiful,

as warm,

as blissful.

Never in life can you experience a moment that truly shows the bond between you and your own body.

Your body, something you disregard,

Thinking you have complete control over it.

But it works on its own.

Separate from yourself.

It protects you.

Relieves you in your final moments.

It takes your mind away from the pain.

Sits you down and and explains this is it.

If anyone else but your own body were to explain, you wouldn't except it.

You would deny it.

Only your own body can bring that wave of relief.

Only your body can show you comfort in that moment.

Only your body can help you find acceptance in your fate.


It will bring you to a dream,

Where you can look back and laugh on all your memories,

Because only your body has been through everything you have.

Feels what you have felt,

Shares all your strengths and pains.

It can show you all the “what ifs” and any future you would have desired to live out.

It brings you the peace of mind you need as you part ways and move on to whatever may come next.


It could be on to greater things,

Or it could be on to an eternal nothingness.

This may be why our body helps us in such a way.

They don't know where we may be going,

But they help us experience the greatest moment of our lives as a parting gift.

A congratulations because you will find out what truly comes after life,

Something our body, which we spend our entire lives with, can not accompany us to.


In this moment, you and your body meet for the first time.

A moment where you can truly meet yourself.

You've known each other all your life yet never have you had the moment to meet until that time comes.

And it leaves you with a warm embrace.

A feeling that I can not even attempt to describe.

Then you're on your way.

It all starts and ends in just a brief moment.

The most beautiful moment of life.


- The Lazarus

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another piece that has to do with the body's subconscious and how powerful it truly is. I think I'm going to make a new series out of these scientific poems I've been writing.

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