Never Close The Doors


In our mundane lives, we are often told
In so many unspoken words that the mind is dead in spirit,
Could it be that it is the very heart of our earthly human existence?
The main entrance to the spirit that adorns our very soul?
Inklings of thought slithering every waking hour
From the obscurity of our subconscious,
Pushing the envelope at every chance to inspire creative ways
For us to open our eyes to the tasks our soul is longing for.


Why do so many damn the mind?
Does cursing what we choose not to see, hear, taste,
In this world of wonderment and intricate fascination please us?

Or is it that the status quo is more important to us
Than our reason for coming here? 
Thoughts are the doors to our self actualization,
And we need to leave the doors open
With a stable and harmonious blend of life
To balance the scales within us, using the uncomfortable truths of life
To evolve as a compassionate species.


Emotions can take control of humans easily in this age,
And can distort our vision in a way that deceives us, grieves us,
Because they pass through us like nothing but waves on the beach
If we allow them to flow along their merry way,
But we listen to words of intrepidation and horror,

And we attach emotions to those thoughts,

They become very powerful and then
We somehow find that we feel safe in the hands of a ghostly reality
That tells us to beware instead of telling us to simply be aware,
To hold our heads high, accept what is, and trust the quiet voice within,
To leave the door open as much as we can
So that there is room for love to flow through it.


Love is not emotion, and emotion is not love,
Control the emotion through a continuous cycle
Of feeling, letting go, feeling letting go,
Because love...well,
You may think you can control it,
But you will only be fooling yourself.

Once you love, it never ends, and is never wasted,
It will return to you in some way, even if it is not the way you would like,
And chances are, if you choose to think you can control it,
You might never realize when you are being a channel for it,
Which is the part of loving that is most enjoyable.


Everyone will hurt you in life, even if it is only a small insignificant hurt,

Just choose people who you know you will be willing to accept the hurt from.




11:21 PM 5/6/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Words on the beauty of open-mindedness.

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Open Garden

An abandoned land remains out here

Nothing more may grow from there

Roam paths that trigger of days past

A place we got lost in; divided

It was bright past the gates that were open

Didn’t see a fog that was patiently lurking

Wish we had stopped there, prevented an undoing

Felt ominous whispers through my skin

Feel those claws clenching still

Back then it was evergreen

Me as a pauper and you as my queen

Could’ve laid on blossomed flowers

Who then may have foreseen

Thought we would prosper, link hearts

Stuck between a kiss, surely

Evermore let our love loop in a time machine

Wished upon countless stars, that

Haven't been, and were never seen

As the haze grew, it was swaying me 

Descried a reflection that I didn’t know

A monster stood glaring, shocked and

I realized, it was, it is, me

Tear apart our love was something

Never thought I could muster to do

Somewhere along in the shadows, I lost

It all faded, you’re not here no more

How hard to try and find a way back

Every part of us taken in the deluge

Was lost yet never found, empty

Is my body that forgets to breathe, empty

The life that leads round back to bliss

Where were you, Where were you,

When I truly needed you, how it all

Became like this, truly I do not know

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Windward Sails


Windward sails________________________________________________
_drawn to full length,___________________________________________
___sending chills______________________________________________
______throughout every inch of my being.__________________________
____________Springing fast as pure light___________________________
_____________________across the endless ocean____________________
___________________________waves battered gracefully aside_________
______________________________as I cut through the water__________
_________________________________as I make my way...___________
_________________________________AND I CAN FEEL THE FREEDOM___
________________________________as mist is in the air______________
______________________________wet against my arms and my face____
__________________________without a single care in the world_________
_______________________for all is well___________________________
__________________and I am happy._____________________________

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by indigo_kid007. ^__^

Not sure how I feel about this line thing...

I can only ever feel this freedom by Jesus Christ. I think this is perhaps the way we were meant to be.

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