How, And Why?


It's been a while since I've seen you, been a while since I've heard from you.
Your face is the one thing I can still see, and your voice is the one thing I can still hear.
Mentally, I saw you walking, but you passed me, and didn't notice I was there.
I tried to call out to you, but you didn't hear me.

Once, I thought I loved you, everyone else seemed to think I did too.
But all I felt went away very quickly, like I knew it would. 
When I met you, I was happy, we talked almost always, and it was great having someone to talk to.
You were there, when he wasn't. 

I appreciate and love you for that.

I've tried to picture what it would be like if I was with you, what it would be like if I was yours instead of his.
Would I be happier? Would I experience what I'm not right now?
So many questions, and so many answers which I haven't found. 
Everytime I am alone, I feel some sort of sadness, some sort of emptyness.

Not that it completely has to do with you or him, but I think more to do with the loneliness I've been living with.
Making myself believe things could be different every time I find someone new.
But, you know how it goes, and how its gone for me.
How to walk away from something seems easy, but sometimes, people struggle even when they know they have to let go.

Being with someone new is something I almost don't want to do again.
I don't want to tell anyone else stories of my past, and how I once was.
I don't want to do things and not keep it to myself.
I've always been a quiet and reserved girl, I've always been you could say, overly careful about who I allow to touch me.

Doing things with him, I grew comfortable with, and something I became okay with.
Doing things with you, I've questioned, and thought of, something I would've had to grow comfortable and okay with.
Could I ever do things with you, can I see myself doing things with you, and would I ever see and hear you again........but this time, for real?



I look at how other girls live their lives, and sometimes think of how they handle being physical. 
How do they allow themselves to give their all to one guy, and then another after some time has passed?
is there never any regret? Is there never any fear and doubt?
Where does the trust comfort and idea of being okay with it come from?
If things go wrong, how are they able to allow themselves to do it again, and with someone else who isn't meant to be their someone?

And off the topic I wonder, how was someone like you, able to seemingly fall for me?
I am a damaged broken record you see. 
What is there to possibly like about me, how can one like me, and why?
Even after trying to be with someone for 5 years, I still don't know why he chose me........but then there's you. 
Why did you pick me? why havent you given up? Why do you still wish to have me?
What is there, aside from the reason to do with my body, to like about a woman like me?


Are the obstacles of dieting mental or physical?

On the last count the word diet plan produced in extra of 157 million web pages of diet plan plans, tablets, potions and dieting suggestions from health institutions, diet plan companies, nutritional specialists and otherwise – from all over the world. And yet we are approaching the peak of an obesity epidemic which brings unknown mental suffering and anxiety, aside from the ever enhancing devastating conditions being connected to those overweight or obese. With such an abundance of information offered – how can this be?

The trend is unforgiving and is second only to cigarette smoking in regards to the cause of self-inflicted early loss of life, however, delegated its own devices within the next 5 years obesity makes certain to take the top slot. Mother Nature is ruthless in her approach to life because she only permits the fittest to survive and the trend we see today is her response to the results of a diet that is plainly not fit the well-being of the body and mind. We just have to stop, take a step in back and look around us to see that there is one hell of a serious issue. There is no requirement for stats, reports or media news to tell us such. It’s clear that we as people need to make a change in what we do if we have any intention to reverse the present weight problems trend. The utmost responsibility lies with everyone people to act for the benefit of ourselves.

We have to accept the fact that the grocery industry is a host of contradiction in that it offers both nutritional items alongside the very products that bring us to be obese or obese in the first circumstances. This is so obvious in our grocery stores today. It has actually ended up being human nature that profit has a greater weighting than human health, and this is evident in numerous markets around the globe and is far from unique within dieting circles. We should likewise remember the diet business, whilst they represent an air of interest and issue, in reality, they are completely based on your failure to the diet plan for their very own business survival. If they were good at exactly what they do their businesses would surely fail. So who can we rely on aside from ourselves? The evidence is clear -there is no argument.

We might have one reprieve however it will be at some point in the future, however not now. Science and technology is getting nearer and nearer to the possibility of a marvel drug with the ever-increasing understanding of the human genotype and hereditary engineering. However in reality, who would ever want or want to depend on diet plan drugs, possibly a continuous everyday basis, simply due to the fact that of an absence of comprehending about the relationship in between the food our body has been designed for, and the food we consume. Why is it, we intentionally overeat when we know it is bad for us which we are doing harm to ourselves? Why is it, that the only time we decide to disregard our food is the time when we are consuming it!

So, is it a mental thing, a physical thing or is it both?

In order to address this, we have to first take a look at the modification in our diet plan over the last 50 years. Usage trends of refined carbohydrates such as sugar have increased considerably, however, at the very same time, the consumption of fats and proteins has actually continued to be reasonably stable. Saturated fats have certainly become and still is a problem although fortunately now general consumption of saturated fats has actually dropped a little, but still continues to be a concern.

Numerous researchers specifically those associated with research in how the Atkins diet plan worked exposed that the impact of refined carbs and fats both have a kind of dependency connected with them. Research studies have actually shown that refined sugars have the effect of playing havoc with the fine balance of preserving the level of glucose in the bloodstream. This, in turn, has a destructive impact on our hormonal activity, such as insulin and glucagon which are both liable for maintaining the level of glucose to its typical level following a surge intake of refined carbohydrates in our diet. These appropriate levels of glucose in the bloodstream are kept at surprisingly slim margins.

Refined sugars for that reason induces excessive hormonal activity in its attempt to restore homeostasis. These abnormal swings in hormonal activity often bring differing mood swings from that of being happy and content to be sad, on edge, as well as sensations of stress and anxiety or panic. Prolonged exposure to these hormonal swings can frequently cause the whole procedure becoming less efficient and consequently, diabetes can be completion result.

Other research studies have actually shown surprisingly that the result of consuming considerable amounts of fats actually results in an unforeseen human reaction in terms of nutrition. You would believe that consuming food rich in fats would have the impact of satisfying feeling of appetite. However, remarkably medical research study has shown the opposite to be true. Scientific trials have actually revealed that foods rich in fats really induces people to consume more, not less. At the time the results from such experiments were groundbreaking as they totally contradicted the dietary thinking of the time.

It is likewise interesting to find out that additional medical research studies have actually suggested that foods rich in protein have been connected to the response that shows that you have consumed adequate food. Simply puts, it is believed that proteins in some way, activate the I am a complete response.

Then obviously there is the huge change in our energy expenditure. We made use of to hunt and collect food but now we gladly pop to the local supermarket to buy it, or at even worse, have it delivered to our front door. Food has changed from being limited to being in abundance (a minimum of for us), and we have altered from being active to relatively dormant. Move less and consume more what should we expect?

And numerous believe that even the act of not exercising can activate the bodily response to lower the metabolism and construct fat layers under the skin for 2 crucial factors, both being connected to human survival. In evolutionary terms, it may be that you are not able to hunt and for that reason unable to protect food. Decreasing the metabolic rate of your body makes overall sense to protect energy. Second of all, if food is available throughout a spell of non-activity, does it not make an entire load of sense to lay down fat layers under the skin to retain physical heat and secure an energy source during prospective lean times. Perfect sense, ideal design and yet we wear t comprehend ourselves and if we do, lots of opt to neglect the indication out body are offering.

In essence, therefore, it is extremely clear that part of the problem within the dieting world that we humans face is definitely a physical one that is connected to the interaction of the food types we eat with that of our body. And clearly, over the last 50 odd years, our diet has actually altered from all recognition and yet our body is doing the like it has been doing for well over the last 100,000 years. We are in the 21st century, our body is still in the Stone Age. Evolution is a slow sluggish procedure however over countless years the relationship and response of chemicals in our food with the cells of the human body has been cemented and cast, for eons of time.

So, it is us that need to alter since Mother Nature will certainly not amuse us for countless years to come.


Run with it, eat what your body has actually been developed for an effective weight-loss will follow for sure.

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3 Haiku




Dreams they are walking
Spawns more kills more these old streets
8th avenue blues


2 Library


We're closed for today
Bring another day to read
"Tomorrow", I said


3 Windows


Light's getting in through
Questioning eyes they peep out
"I'm old", says the house

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midnight blue blanket

 do consume us wholly

you, raping bodies in death

"spill the light of heaven on me"







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Clarity Pyramid


(I didn't mean to erase your comments, Beeble. I hadn't realized I wrote it as prose instead of a poem. I did the other one the same way. Your comment wss appreciated, and thank you for your compliment♥)

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