Profiteering, Abuse, Neglect At US Nursing & Assisted Living Facilities

First Do No Harm
In 1968 Antony Armstrong-Jones published a documentary "Don't Count
The Candles"
the tragedy of senior confinement. An 80 year old man was taken against his
will to a nursing home.
One scene showed him wistfully looking out the window as his relative left,
one silent tear
sliding down his cheek.


NPR's Ina Jaffe reported in 2020 that many nursing and assisted living

institutions are running

on a shoestring, with understaffing while money is siphoned to owners'
pockets, owners who ask
Medicaid and Medicare for more money.


1. Excessive Profiteering B H Gray writes that 75% of these facilities are

now for-profit ones.

2. Shoestring understaffing causes neglect and sometimes premature death.

3. The lack of ethical supervision from federal agencies, owners, and managers

generates abuse from

yelling at residents to physical assaults, chemical and physical restraints.

4a. Substandard food is a complaint across the US. Some facilities are

spending as little as $6.00 a

day per person, less than prisons. At one national chain, wilted lettuce salads,

an occasional banana,

say residents, are the some total of the 'fresh food'.

4b. In many assisted living and nursing homes as well as hospitals and prisons,

kosher, halal,

vegetarian and vegan food is difficult to obtain.

5. Noise .. talking and laughing loudly during midnight shift Loud sounds

interfere with the sleep and

health of residents.

6. Constant interruptions which wake up residents who don't want breakfast or

are napping

or on the phone etc.

7. Incarceration Living behind locked doors without the freedom to leave is


8. Lack of privacy, including conjugal rights

9. Theft

10. Denial of the right to refuse medication or vaccines. In the last 4 years, NPR
reports, the right to refuse dangerous antipsychotic drugs has declined.

The FDA requires a label on

antipsychotics (which should be called propsychotics) warning of possible

homicides or suicides.

Many of these medications cause a permanent shaking, the medical term

abbreviated to 'tardiff'.

11. The right to refuse breakfast because residents have never eaten breakfast

or because they

want to sleep is not honored.

12. Abuse of Durable Power of Attorney

13. Premature Deaths: Poor air filtration systems, food poisoning, constant

noise and interruptions,

nurse and caregiver understaffing, abuse, isolation, and confinement

depression are some factors of

high death rates in assisted living and nursing home facilities.

14 Conflict of interest: Some facilities are owned by physicians who have a

profit motive in filling

empty rooms, turning their temporary patients into
permanent residents.

15. There are virtually no black residents in these expensive jails, despite

the fact that many
residents are on Medicaid

16 Isolation, says the AARP, is a factor in premature deaths among

residents in these facilities..

17 One doctor, a major investor in a new very expensive assisted living place,

could not fill the empty

rooms because of the cost. A wealthy older patient tried to change physicians.

He obtained a medical

power of attorney, had him institutionalized. When he worked to get an

attorney, the doctor took away
his phone, telling staff he had to learn to accept his situation, had all his mail

sent to him, and

cancelled all visitors. Whenever the resident objected to staff, he was given

an antidepressant against

his will. After 9 months, tardiff dyskinesia was apparent, a constant shaking.

The prison

had turned into a Bastille.

18. Some health authorities question the prioritization of these facilities for

resident vaccines, since

these are often the most immune challenged or those with the most preexisting

conditions, and

therefore those most likely to have lethal side effects.

19.  Well meaning relatives, relatives who want to protect the assets of a

parent or

other relatives, can kill the Spirit of another. Nursing homes


and assisted living places have very high rates of death.

20. Unfortunately many of these places treat residents like cattle, forcing them

to go to be weighed, to go to bingo or worship services or singalongs, ordering

them back to their rooms if they are visiting others, etc. So many lose the desire

to live, while existing in these places, that the buildings become slaughterhouses.

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