The beauty of paradise overlooking the horizon

The beauty of paradise
overlooking the horizon

There's nothing more
that she could have ever

wanted in life

Hers is a sun-kissed
white-complected skin,
in the tropical
rainforest clime

Knowing her
has given me
an outburst
like my inner child,
as I grappled within,
still wandering
innocently—thru time

but she is not your
basic woman,

I never did see her
to be a typical lass

that is influenced
by social artifice

because she grew up
according to her
own terms, not foisted
as if by any other
person or an opinion

—she knows herself
well, to know what it is
that she likes;
which she signifies
whatever she would want;
yet coy of her dislikes

in a world that is totally
hers & hers alone

how I wished I can
understand this mystery of
to know more about

& the gift of life sublime!








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to N.

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patriciajj's picture

The portrait you painted,

The portrait you painted, with brushstrokes of eloquence, is one of rare beauty, self-assurance and an alluring mystique. So brilliant, the way you expressed a desire to enter the fortress that surrounds her, to know the exquisite spirit within, but such a lofty endeavor would mean unraveling "the mystery of time".


More than a tribute: a radiant, timeless monument!

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Thank you, patricajj (Reedited 05.01.2024 [06:45])

You've once again given definition to what I'm trying to portray, as I myself could not unravel my own poetic language use.  I must state that your comments, which are gracing my page ever since, are way.. phenomenal [to say the least] and totally unexpected (to my own level of understanding).  My mind is like that of a scatterbrain and you seem to keep my thoughts together by your lurid comments that are sort of acting like explainers to me.  My native language is not that good either, but when trying to create these test pieces in English in an internet setting, I seem to really get these often (sort of unspoken puzzlements).  But I am just really baffled about how poetry works (which is why aside from checking back in here to refer back or recheck/review what transpired, I also still find some type of a relief in it, in doing so & in various ways even if just thinking about it, envisioning/thinking it through—than in merely chatting with other people in a type of black and white conversation, if not having an outlet such as this).  (I would not say that I have done my best here, by putting these thoughts about a recent muse/inspiration, but I guess it just flowed out while trying to figure out the most correct words in place of such meaningful imageries transcribed, thoughts manifested in a way.)  As always, in spite of me, thank you.   [—It is really so humbling and remarkable to have been critiqued by you.  I don't know what to say but you got exactly what I'm yearning for in this particular poem.  If "N." in case reads this, she might become so overwhelmed with spontaneous feelings that should surely sink in eventually.  While I do not mean to negate my slow progress, it is also in line with my own assessments of how clearly I have made my thoughts flow out or have demonstrated what I should have had felt in that spur of the moment, in the most honest and candid way I thought could.] G'night.

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I'm deeply moved by your

I'm deeply moved by your words of appreciation, and believe me, it was a joy to read and comment on this very poignant creation. I only wish that I could read your work in your mother tongue. It must be truly remarkable. But trust me, your expressions in English are clear, impacting and eloquent. Thank you again for your very kind and supportive response. 

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Thank you, Madam. [It is well-received.]

Reedited 05.02.2024 [19:04] (backlogs = backlog*)


Back to the grind (gotta get busy with day jobs/daily tasks/side hustles and other backlog).  But I know how I am doing (theoretically/hypothetically) compared to any a relational value..because I normally tend to think this way (that there [is]/are always [a] comparative [view]/views for me to be certain of my own relative strengths and weaknesses).  Even though, it was somehow understood by matter how intercultural communication may be deemed to work somehow (it is the part where I am inclined to be emphatic about due to I am quite aware of the potential false complaisance that reoccurs if, for instance, I am to glean from the reducible cognitive and semantic dimensions in the interlanguage aspects in each of the variances of our own preferred language [use] or frame of mind and whatnot [what have us in a philosophical view] ).