my ode entitled 'don't pollute yourself'

Don't Pollute Yourself

Sounds mad but some do pollute
Their body’s on purpose: True
Think of smokers; 8,000 chemicals
Can’t think of any other instance
Save angostura bitters in your drink

Many other toxins in food and drink
It’s just your not aware of it
Some put in by the powers that be
Some end up in it accidentally

Can I give you an instance: Coffee’s
Bean come from Africa, south America
Where they have lead in the petrol
Same goes for chocolate: Not swell

And there’s bleach in processed sugar
Which is in a number of things
Bleach in white flour too
But I don’t eat bread, do you?

Lets not forget the killer aspartame
Put in soft drinks: That’s insane
And also what about fluoride
Prisoners dumb in Hitler’s genocide

Fluoride everywhere, food manufacture
Brewers use mains water out of tap
So even if you just drink spring water
You get a dose in something or other

Then there's cash crop insecticide
Banned in some countries, wonder why?
Roundup contributes to man’s infertility
So would farmers stuff certainly

Nutrasweet, gluten, acid regulators too
They really are all bad for you
Stick to fresh vegetables if you ask me
Best of a bad job definitely

One other thing to check out
Madness called ‘codex illimintarius’
Putting poison back into the food chain
If I didn’t know any better

I’d say some people want us suffering
And in tin can linings: Bisphenol A
Female hormones are making men gay
I’m sure there's much more hidden too
And no doubt now it all effects you

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