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Herding the sheep

Don't make a peep

Isn't this all so perfect?

No time to weep

Just go to sleep

And soon this dream you'll forget

Now that I have you attention

You have no choice but to listen 


-Just do as you were told

Sometimes it's best not to know

Just hang your head and follow

I'll give you my hand to hold

As we enter the unknown - chorus


Culling the weak

People are freaks

This fucked up world makes no sense

Force fed deceit

Better not speak

There's no way to make amends

Now that I have your attention 

You have no choice but to listen 




So here I go now

To the unknown 

I won't be alone now

If you'll follow 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another newer one. 11-27-22

Would love to see some comments on it.

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Speaks to me personally

Speaks to me personally, which is good considering I really like the content.

bananas are the perfect food

for prostitutes

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Thanks pungus.  Glad you can

Thanks pungus.  Glad you can connect with it.