The Need


I see her resting there nude and unashamed

Nestled in the warmth of our bed lying upon crisp white linen sheets

Proud and in the finest days of her youth....she is in her essence

At the pinnacle of her womanhood

Her smoothe porcelin skin flawless, glowing....lit only by the firelight

Her face cradled in her thick dark hair....she smiles so sweetly

Those deep green eyes like crystals in the sunlight, they sparkle and transfix me

Her gaze intoxicates me, fills my heart with an ache I have never known

There is an overwhwlming need growing within me 

A desire that has possessed my very soul 

I watch her breasts rise and fall with each breath she takes

Shadows falling here and there she is a work of art to be held

She shines brightly, enchants me completely, intoxicates me

My gaze lingers and wanders as I fill my eyes with her beauty

Her pink painted toenails, the curve of her calf....the sweep of her thigh

The flair of her hips the slight arch of her back as she wriggles slightly

Her flat stomach, a never ending expanse of luxuriant flesh to be kissed....tasted...and

The dark and bewitching valley between her parted legs which seems to be calling....I need

To break the spell she has cast upon me, to reach out touch her

My heart flutters and I feel a tightness in my stomach and now there is a tenseness within me

She watches me as I am looking at her and gazes into my eyes

She knows, understands my desire entirely, she knows me

She likes me this way full of fascination and burning on the inside

I can see that she is on fire and filled with an aching to be touched....

She longs to sit upon the pedestal of my love to be lifted above all else in my world....

To beheld as if she is a Godess or a carefully crafted sculpture created out of Gods passion

She looks at me, reaches for my hand and lays it insistently upon her thigh

The longing is too great and my tormennt must end, our torment must end

I am broken shattered into a thousand pieces of desire trying to fall all around her

To possess her to become her to enshrine her inside of myself and to feel her there forever

'Til the last beat of my heart and the final pulse of blood slows in my veins

She is my love, my life, my one true desire and my hearts content

I see her resting there nude and unashamed....warm and satisfied our love held inside of her

If we could live a thousand years

I would remain right here

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I thought I would write a different type of poem. Usually I'm kinda somber in my writing.

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Souls Colliding

Let me tell you about the time I met this woman

there we were, 

my eyes on her, 

her eyes on me,

and lets be real for a moment, 

I was in no way naive,

I could tell from just one look,

that if she came any closer,

I would be just a page in her journal,

and she would be the only character,

in every chapter of my book.

So no; I wasn't fooled,

I knew it was a face first dive,

into a concrete pool,

but the whole way down I was grinning,

because whether or not she was aware of it,

I'd rather take a fall, 

than regret never jumping in at all.


Anyways lets get back to the moment,

I dont know what it was,

and I'm not much for reincarnation,

but I swear, 

that first time I saw her standing there

felt like the thousandth,

something about the way she looked directly back at me,

without turning,

mixed with the smokey light in the bar

and caused the hazel edges of her irises,

seem to catch on fire,

The whole room except this girl dimmed out of focus,

for a few heartbeats,

to me, time stopped completely,

and I dont just mean it stopped moving forward,

I mean It stopped existing,

It was like I knew her always,

the best way I can describe it,

is like finding something,

that you never knew went missing

well I found it, 

I felt it in my bones,

I knew in those first few moments,

regardless of how this ended,

something deep in me had changed,





              Edward Iacona


There are many magic words

When we have the predilection

For expressing our deepest thoughts

To the object of our affection.


Don’t worry if you’re word impaired

Cause it isn’t very hard

To borrow the words of poets

Including Avon’s bard.


If that is not your style

One really can’t go wrong

With the music and lyrics

Of a well selected song.


And, within our wireless age

There’s no need to be perplexed

Consider the joys of Voicemail

Or, if you must, just text. 


You can say them or sing them

Shout out loud or mutter them.

If emotions overcome you

One may have to stutter them.


When it comes to magic words

There is no one way to utter them

No matter which way you choose

You should not ever shutter them. 


Then there will be other times

When mutual impulses call

And magic words may be spoken

But are not needed at all. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 



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love in air

my poems

I thought of giving you a white rose but how it started gaining fragrance of red i dont know......
Though we dont know each other from long. . . ,but sometimes its just a moment that is above all ......
I know "you think" love has meaning if it exist forever ......but for a thing to happen forever, it have to get started ever........
I dont know what you think of me.......but it is in front of you how you have effected me ....
                                                                                                                       by     Ashish Pruthi b

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This I wrote for a girl I met 2 or 3 days before on net,she was my college mate....i am unable to express her what I think directly so I tried to express her through my poem:-)....

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Everyday I walk in amidst the devotion I keep for you in my heart
Everyday I count the seconds that you and I share apart
Everyday I stare at the colors your love paints in my art 
Everyday I endure the pain that stings cause you're far 
Do you believe dreams come true?
I do!
See that's where our love comes through 
My inane past is a blur now that I have you
We will actually make it, our love won't die
Everyday I fight struggles but I keep you at my side 
Look a little deeper in my eyes
You know my fears
You'll see my tears 
You'll see the side of me you bring out and I can't hide

You make me weak yet strong 
You taught me right from wrong 
Nothing without you feels right, why must it feel this way? 
I feel surrounded by your touch as I think about you everyday 
I see myself beginning to smile now
For you I'm releasing all this love and emotions I had bottled up for a while 

So here I am
Dancing through the rain
Letting my pain wash away 
At first I couldn't believe this was the real me
I know this isn't something you could just find on a tree
I mean this feeling inside me
Letting it all go, letting it all come, Overall you picked me

Now every moment's eternal from this love we both share
You wonder how much I love you?
Past, Present, Future and Eternity is still not enough to compare.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by true events

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The Ballad of a Hopeless Romantic


Part I
Singing love songs down by the river,
Writing ballads in the mountains of Tennessee,
This lonely man walking down the highway just to see.
Baby, baby, I can't live without you here,
I need you next to me to help me along,
But miles between us keep me from singing you this song.
The lonely man walking miles just to find,
The one he loves is so far away,
And he just can't find the words to say.
Baby, Oh, Baby I need you now,
The sun is so hot,
My nerves are shot.
I can't find you, I can't see you,
But my compass leads me in your direction,
I am so weary but I am not done.
Searching, searching for the girl whom I love,
Walking for miles just to find you're not there,
Looking for you so my dirt home we may share.
Thoroughbred beauty is what I see,
Looking at your picture that I keep always,
Gazing upon your face drives me through the days.
Sun beats down,
Dust in my shoes,
I have nothing left to lose.
Find you, I must,
I crave your touch,
I love you so much.

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On a cold winter's night
Snow everywhere lies
And the bitter north wind
Sweeps the warmth from our lives

But when dawn's light breaks
Those darkest ties
Then I see sunrise
In your eyes

I've spent the night
Under pitch black skies
Filled with despair
And horrific cries

And just when I think
There'll be no reprise
There is the sunrise
In your eyes

The first touch of rose
Breaks the inky black
Then the clouds turn to pink
As the darkness rolls back

At last the gold orb
Dances on the sea
And that's what it's like
When you look at me

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From what have you materialized, oh sweet angel of love
No bird in the sky could match your grace, not even a dove.
In the distance, the aura of your beauty seizes my heart
I could search the globe and find no comparable art.

How will I speak to thee that has turned my world upside down?
In the midst of you, even a God would feel as a clown.
Before the sweet sound of your voice ever touched my ears
I knew yours was of an angel, and would shatter my fears.

If the conversation were dry, your beauty would persist
But to my delight, your vibrations leave me breathless.
Your intellect is unquestionable, and your way is intoxicating
Refreshing, like a cool winter wind one would experience ice skating.

Bubbling in my heart, a love that has lain dormant spreads through my being
Aphrodite herself would be jealous, afraid to confirm what she’s seen.
How can one capture your heart in the way you’ve stolen mine?
I would walk to the ends of the earth for it, disregarding time.

With no effort on your part, I feel I have fallen into a cloud of bliss
I ask the lord almighty, what have I done to deserve this?
Oh to feel your lips pressed against mine, would heaven be reached
I would feel unable to move, like a whale that’s been beached.

The ease of your manner leaves me uneasy of my own
My insecurities can only be vanquished through poem.
Of one thing I’m sure, you, I could never mistreat
But how could I be the prince you long to meet?

I am just I, no more, no less
To be in your presence, oh I feel I am blessed.
If love harkens, surely no greater example could be
Of a love that has stirred my soul to the essence of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love at First Sight


When you examine everything around you,
There are always these small tethers,
That tie everything/everyone together,
The connections vary from large to small,
Yet fundamentally they're always there...

It entices the mind when you examine it,
That every little thing is but a small part,
Of something alot larger and more complex,
Its both fascinating yet annoying at the same time,
To think that we're but small players in a bigger game...

Whenever you think of how people connect,
Whether it be romantic/platonic/familial bonds,
We all need and crave that connection to someone,
Whether its love or something alot less then love,
We nonetheless all have need of that feeling...

How come it is I haven't yet found that connection,
The feeling of being connected to someone,
On a deeper level then just the normal ways,
Not only love, I've felt that before, thats not new,
But someone I can share my soul with...

Someone, Somewhere out there is wondering,
Thinking, pondering the same things I am,
They might be my age, older or younger,
They might be looking for love or not,
Yet I know we all ponder this question...

I know what connection it is that I'm seeking,
What's it like to be with someone who,
Makes you feel amazing all the time,
Someone who makes you feel complete,
Maybe and hopefully that person is you...


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