I ask myself

Long lost

I ask myself often, what is it about you?
That makes me love you, the way that I do?
No other woman, in all of my life...
Has caused me such joy, and been, the cause of such strife.
There have been many times, I tried to forget you...
But try as I might, it was something, I couldnt do.
Then there were times, I wanted you so bad
But you just ignored me, it drove me crazy mad.
I guess I should mention, about your addictive kiss...
How, when you kiss me, I'm caught in a rush of bliss.
I wish, I could do to you, what you do to me...
Then maybe, just maybe, you would finely see...
To me, your're more beautiful, then all women combined.
And to me also, you're that,  one of a kind...
But how do I get you, to see, as I do?
To see I'm the one, made, especially for you!
How, can I get you, to freely give me your heart?
How can I convince you, we need each other, to start...
To start a life together, that will last, all our lives.
A life built on love and respect, not head-games, and lies.
Am I just wasting my time, should I just walk away?
If I started to go... would you ask me to stay?
Years have passed by, since we first met
How many more will we miss, there's not many left.
Why is it so hard, for you to let your heart try?
Am I not worth the effort, to feel real love inside?
These are the questions, I ask myself everyday.
But getting the answers, it's only you, who has the say...
©PAUL (ChryWizard) Posney 12/31/2019

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