What if life came with a plan,

What if you came with a timeline,
What if work came with a timetable,
What if she can with an expiration date?
Where is the value in definition, 
What is the satisfaction of a guarantee?
Is life not a journey,
Are you not a story,
Is love not a mystery,
Would you want to know the end,
Would there be a beginning?
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Life is, as is Time

The time goes down

The age goes up
Neither to be stopped
Yearnings to be found
Plans to be made
What is it missing
The timeline of life
Time never ends yet always begins
No time is wasted in life, only choices made
Why regret
Why stress
When the decision is life
Every instantaneous still of life's path is beautiful in itself 
For life is not determined in our decisions, life is lived
Lived between
Lived before 
Lived after
Lived through
Life is simple
Why consider life to be past, present or future
Life is not but what it is
The course of our adventure in the limited perpetualance of time
Life is relationships
Life is mistakes
Life is accomplishments
Life is pain
Life is sorrow
Life is all that can be
Ones purpose is to be their life
To see all that there is to see
In every image
In every heart 
In life
While our limited, enigmatically wondrous gift of life is given to us
We must
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First draft

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Reader The Judge




Fact and fiction 

Are two different things,

But under the poet's pen...

Lies carry no wings.


Interpretations can be many,

And one's soul will take flight,

There is no wrong,

There is no rite.


One's own emotions become putty

In plain sight,

Is it right?

Each one to find their individual truth

Brings individual darkness,




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Reality Daytrip

With death they say you rest in peace,

Is life seen as being such a chore?

Self-preservation spun around an introverted cocoon,

Instable thoughts run with the paint of a visionary mind,

One person’s vision is inspiration, but never to be sought alone.


Meandering rivers lead to future destinations,

An unstable raft leaving traces of broken pieces.

To survive and rise amongst the decay of meat and muscle,

Remembering the primal urge to live,

Mental salvation and a body to belong in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Posting quite a few that I've written but not published. Should really post more often as I enjoy this site.

The Race of Man

So often mean forget what there is to life,

we lose Our way and can't find the traveled path.

Our thoughts, only of trouble and strife,

we think of struggle and an overbearing load.


"Why could I possibly be here" you ask.

The answer so simple of course.

We know what that is fulfill your task.

Hard to believe, but it comes from an unfailing source.


But are we merel some quet-runner?

By all means no, so what are we then?

We must have some importance if we passed a single summer.

We are family, though we forget, then again we are the race of man.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Plz tell me it's horrid. I know it is.

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The Purpose of Being Meaningless

Kinda Short. First Poem I'm going to post on here. Give me a break I don't do this often(by that I mean post my words on a site for people to see). Critisism however is accpeted.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So tell me watcha think. Oh, and if I had to dedicate this to some one it would be my Friend, I will call her Elle, because some of you might recongnize her oddly strange name, she is kinda going through the rough spot of being MEANINGLESS. THanks for reading.


Save me from what I’m becoming
Fading from what I once was
Into a shadow of what I’ve been
Breathe life into me once more
Revitalize the ghost in the machine
I have become
Like a shadow on a cloudy day
Not living
Not dying
Just existing
I want to burn
Than feel nothing at all
I want to freeze
Than feel the chill of my own apathy
I want to die
Than just exist
I want to live
Than just watch life
Give me a purpose
Show me a meaning
Save me from what I’ve become

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In between

I feel lost in this world that I do not understand / I do not know where I am or where I am going. / Where is this world going? / A feeling of emptiness and sadness / As I think of what's to come. / What is my purpose? / Do I have a purpose? / Am I meant to fade away? / I can see for miles and there is nothing / Such a desolate place. / Everything I know may end, / And after that what will I be? / I feel like I'm losing myself / And I'm sad to say goodbye. / My past is gone, and there is no future. / I'm stuck in this scary place in between

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Doors Won't Glow

I wouldn't wince
with a finger to chest.
A murmur of heart,
a horn around neck.

The take off and pull
had me down deadened,
threatened by mention
of hands on my head.

So I sought out the seeking,
and seeking sought too;
maddened by empty -------
that had become you.

But you wouldn't know,
and I couldn't know,
and doors wouldn't glow.
Doors wouldn't glow -------

Doors won't glow -------
She said to me that
doors won't glow -------
No matter your vision,
your center, your stay,
doors won't glow
for you, either way -------

And given to me, that they
haven't believed, nor would
they struggle to see the
beauty observed in these
worlds -------
I'd understand, and reach -------
I'd just pretend, and be -------
I would defend you
seeking all halls full of
doors -------
that glow --------------

Before all the settling
down that was needed,
you were the call
to which I had heeded.

You brought every storm
and formed every crack
that start in the cellar
and run down my back.

When I lay my arms
down at your side;
within you would dwell,
within you would hide.

And convince you I couldn't
that I was your realm,
made for belonging
with us at your helm -------

You wouldn't be buried
beneath all my love
encompassing grey
that flitters above.

You told me to leave,
you'd told me to go,
and neglected to say
That these doors wouldn't glow --------------

Chorus -

Instrumental Bridge -

Chorus -

Doors won't glow, nor could they
show me the way to your
core --------------
I don't know they're here for --------------
For these doors --------------
Just wouldn't glow --------------
For me ...

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