human behavior

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Fact and fiction 

Are two different things,

But under the poet's pen...

Lies carry no wings.


Interpretations can be many,

And one's soul will take flight,

There is no wrong,

There is no rite.


One's own emotions become putty

In plain sight,

Is it right?

Each one to find their individual truth

Brings individual darkness,




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To have only a paucity of the fullness of life 


Due to an impediment, or limitation,


Lacking to accost inner fragilities,


Can be an unconscious act


Born through


An inability to accept adversity, 


We are suffering 


From it as a species


In epidemic proportions,


But cognitive dissonance


Can be an uncomfortable 


State of mind.



When we were babies,


We liked crapping our pants, too.



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cognitive dissonance, adversity, comfortable....vs spoiled.