Soft Kisses - EROTIC (Mature content)

Soft Kisses

Soft gentle kisses; placed on your neck

Tenderly moving, to your lips; luscious and wet.

Passion burning hot, our hearts are on fire

Your body trembling, with lustful desire!

Moving ever so slowly; to your bare naked breast

First one; then the other, I nibble and caress.

Words; whispered with love, for only my ears

Trust in my love, you have nothing to fear.

Soft gentle kisses, you bestow unto me

Looking deep in my eyes, where, love’s all you can see.

Held in your arms, we both feel the need

To show our love; as our passions; we feed!

Making wild love, where nothings held back

Fantasies once hidden, we turn into fact.

Exploring each other; with hands, lips, and tongue

Discovering an eternity of love, in a few hours of fun!

I lay at your side, my head on your breast

Your fingers stroking my cheek, as we joyfully rest.

Unspoken words; are shared with no sounds

Love’s been unleashed, it knows; no bounds.

Tender soft kisses shared between two

No doubt in your mind how I feel about you.

Rolling down your cheek; is a, single tear

Because… you’ve finely found love

It’s with me; my sweet dear.

©2005 Paul (ChryWizard). Posney

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CaliKC's picture

Soft Kisses

I really like this one, Paul.  We can do this.... I'm dreaming of the day/night it comes true.


ashes_theartofburning's picture


Such a love spell!

The way you write has me missing the warmth of a mans arms.
Reading your poetry gives me chills.
Imagination coming to play about kitchen tables,
and a mirror ceiling bed.
Thank you for the thrills that are now dancing around in my head.

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo