There Is A Girl

There is a girl with cuts on her wrist,
with dying at the top of her list.
She closes her eyes and counts to ten,
she's ready to try this all again.
She grips the blade a little tighter,
tried so hard to be a fighter.
The world she knows starts to fade away,
she's happy she doesn't have to stay.
Slowly everything fades to black,
a smile on her face because she knows she's not coming back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comment with any constructive criticism or ideas for other poems :)
This poem is dedicated to my best friend/sister who tried to kill herself twice yet is still here. Love you forever and after! <3

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Despite the tiny hands
drawing faces and writing names.
The frost covered window
manages to cloth itself
in a new layer of fog
on a cold rainy day.
Closing out sight
from the outside world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm back. Let's do this. Go re-read it and think about it some more. Lazy bastard.

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Our Love Is Dying

You’re miles away from here
Unable to see me shed a tear
Facing this cold night alone
Hoping you’ll answer your phone

Where is the man I adore?
Who makes my heart soar
He’s disappeared from home
And left me in the dark to roam

You say that you’re the same
But he didn’t care about fame
Love was something cherished
Not something we let perish

You wear your uniform well
While I’m left alone to dwell
On the days of our past
When everything moved fast

We would slow dance in the night
But now we just scream and fight
You would whisper poem in my ear
Now it’s your voice that I rarely hear

But don’t worry Lovely, I’ll hang on
With only memories to think upon
I’ll be brave and stay by your side
And in my writing I’ll confide…

…That our love is slowly dying

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a small thought progression poem that I had while trying to talk to my boyfriend who is currently serving in the marines.

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Love Is Like

Love Is like a flashlight.
but the eventually the batteries will die.
Some you can charge, some you can't,

Oh well, that's how love is.

Love is like a window.
but it might break,
Some windows you can fix, some you can't.

Oh, well, that's how love is.

Love is like a pencil.
You can write a beautiful story with it,
but you can erase it.

Oh well, that's how love is.

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I'm Singing and Consciousness is on the Drums

Bump and bop and knock then stop.
It’s a rhythmic beat to reap the sleep
and see what’s been shown, not meet what’s
been known over and over again,
just changing how it flows from pen to pen
or mind to mind.
Just mind the edges and don’t fall off,
but conquer those hedges secluding Truth,
hung aloft up above for all to see,
and perceive Love,
shoved beneath and stomped
under feet, but breathing
and needing our attention,
undivided and whole—
a beckoning to our eternal soul.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No comment

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What is love?
"Love is a many splendored thing"
Love is something to hold above all else
But is love good?
I believe that it may be. Maybe not today
Maybe not tomorrow, but love will come and love will go.
Love is also a dagger.
A dagger that nothing can resist.
A dagger that hath pierced many an armor, and once withdrawn leaves one to die.
Love is a dangerous thing, which has eluded me by a hair’s distance.
I long for this love, and yet I know not to follow it.
for if I do… only hurt can ensue

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The night is lovingly black.
Caresses the demons about to attack.
Stars litter the booming silence,
Quiets the mortals crying for deliverance.
Blood strokes like a gentle lover,
Soothing the vampires throats over.
Moon hangs heavily in the sky;
Entrancing the wolves to howl and cry.
The wind ruffles the Fall leaves,
Making even the ghouls drop to their knees.
Houses are dimmed and quiet,
The witches are holding their breaths to keep silent.
A monotonous sound of the clock striking twelve,
And all the sorceri are casting tonight's spell.
Screams, shrieks, and howls inturrupt the night;
Beings prancing about in delight.
The veil between worlds is pierced,
Monster of many kind come through and strike fear.
Both big and small they've come,
To celebrate before the rising sun.
And both kindly and monsterous they will go,
Before any of the humans ever know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was just made in favour of my love to Halloween; my favourite holiday. ♥

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