Haqueian Verse


Is mightier,

Than the sword,

Said the wise,



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While we were talking about
love, marriage and migraine
she kept fiddling with

her reticule– opening
putting her pen in and out
and shutting again


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not a jot or iota less or more.

It is what it is.

A stroke of a pen,

pixels of light,

A heart scrawl,

Screaming emotion

Or pleasant thought,

Wether it pops out

Or is coaxed,

from the ether of consciousness 

a soul's awaking yawn 

It is what is

and lives as it is born

Tinkered and toyed with

all manner of distortions borne

It sits in its reality

 a nieche of existence

A poem waiting to be heard and judged worthy

because it speaks to a another soul.

It is what is

not a jot or itoa more




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The Pen As Midwife

Poets And Writers

The Pen As Midwife 

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Do you ever write

to separate from pain

or anger

by birthing experience

onto paper


Do you write

afraid of otherwise


Do you write to



Do you write

to share


-saiom shriver-



My answer to Lee's question



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True Freedom

Trapped alone in a cave,
Our freedom we still save,
As our lives are inscribed and trapped away,
As a bottle of dried ink.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The third line here is a bit long. I muddled over keeping it as trapped, changing it to inscribed, or to keep both. I decided to keep both:
Inscribed helps to lead into the last verse, and give us more of a hint than the "ink" as the final word. It also develops the last line into an actual poetry verse and not just a few words in a line.
Trapped helped me indicate to the readers that the writer was indeed trapped in a cave, however they still retained the freedom of writing their thoughts. That is true freedom. Without this, the readers would only have the first word to indicate that the character was in a cave; hardly enough (as readers normally only trully enjoy the poem starting from the second verse, and to catch that they would need to reread it; you don't enjoy the magic of it nearly as much the second time around) to express that.


So I needed both of these. I also originally had "dried" replaced with "buried" in the last verse, and the writing would be buried, as would the writer. However, the poem only indicated that the person was trapped and not  caved in. Among other things, this could lead to quite a bit of confusion without explanation.

I'm Singing and Consciousness is on the Drums

Bump and bop and knock then stop.
It’s a rhythmic beat to reap the sleep
and see what’s been shown, not meet what’s
been known over and over again,
just changing how it flows from pen to pen
or mind to mind.
Just mind the edges and don’t fall off,
but conquer those hedges secluding Truth,
hung aloft up above for all to see,
and perceive Love,
shoved beneath and stomped
under feet, but breathing
and needing our attention,
undivided and whole—
a beckoning to our eternal soul.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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*Tick Tock writer Block*

Tick tock you'll hear the clock,
Oh no it's thats writers block when you write some words then you stop,

you start to fluster then you realize and let it drop,
Tick tock writers block
unexpected what a shock!

The world seems silent as you fall deep into thought and you try to remember the things you were taught,

Surley theres something I could write especially with that fancy new pen that you bought,

Tick tock writers block,
When will it stop?

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