The Old Man

Sitting on his rocking chair
That’s where you’d find him, he was always there
Sit on the front porch, breathe the sweet summer air
Living life without a care

I used to stay and talk about life
He’d talk about his kids and beautiful wife
Outlived them all, now 93
And I thought about how sad that’d be

But he said, if he went back
If time somehow went off track
He would never change a thing
He was content, and then he’d sing

“God, when you see fit to call me home
Ne’er again this earth to roam
I pray that you’d remind this boy
That only you can give us joy.”

Twenty years and now I’m grown
Got some kids of my own
A loving, dear, and beautiful wife
And it’s just a wonderful life
I remember the old man now
He went back home anyhow
And now he’s gone to his family
I smile at how happy they’ll be

And I pray, “Lord, help me be like him
Give me his wisdom, his freedom from sin
And let me have that joy he had
So I can be a better Dad.”

Now my friend, time is short
And to you it won’t report
So, love and raise your family
And you’ll be happy, same as me.

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Wonderful story Fantastic advice!

a beautiful write! cheers SS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

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