My Love


When I promised you
That I will love you till death came undone
I didn’t know that I would
Have to wait in the long run

Yet, all that made it clear to me
Wait for you I will, until you come down
And be with me that will be
The only time I lose my frown

So wait for you I will
If waiting means that I love you
Then I will wait forever for you
Because my love for you is true

Right now I am living in a shadow
Because the sun wont come out
It feels like I must yell for you to hear me
You have no way to communicate so all I can do is pout

And wait for you to come around
Because I know you will
I am content to wait for you
And you know that I will

Written on
April 30, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Bri. I wrote it because its going on two months since we last talked, and i wrote this just to say that I love hm, and if waiting proves my love for him, then wait I will. I love you, Bri

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