the way i feel about pomes is that there the love in are minds the heart in are souls.and even when we cant read we can lisiten to the love of what are minds can say. what things can we think what loves can we talk about it's the power of are minds that make us stand out like a burning candel in the rain.  threw  a pen we can tell everyone what we feel. just look in to the eyes of a poet and tell me what you see the wonders of the mind that have no limits. i can say what i feel threw a pen from my heart. and my mind will tell me that the love in my heart is for what i do. so think of what makes you happy and threw a pen you can tell the depths how it makes you feel.do you walk and feel the sun on your back see the couds in the blue look at the green grass and think what a life this is. maybe we are here to live and thats all to love the land on which are raised. to be a friend to someone we love. to know that theres more out there somewhere. maybe life is just one big poem thats not yet done maybe we fill in the pages with are lifes.then life would be Gods poem forever in are minds.

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life is a poem for everyone in are minds 3/31/02

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A poem to me is my outlet. Helps me get out everything, love, anger, happiness, and pain. To know me.. just read my works. As I'm sure it's like that for a few people. Great job. Keep it up.