A flash of light,

The room is lightened,

What is happening?

I am so frightened,

I see the pictures,

On the wall,

The pictures hanging,

About to fall,

They are so fragile,

Like life itself,

One twist or slip, events could change,

We must take care of our self,

What I feel right now,

It is so strong,

Weakness or strength?

Were my decisions wrong?

Fear or courage,

What could have happened to me,

If my choices were different,

Would I be here to see?

Things change so fast,

Others move so slow,

Life and death,

Will we ever know?

We dwell too much,

On worldly things,

Love and hate,

The songs we sing,

Thoughts so intricate,

The webs we weave,

Rise or fall?

Our elegance leaves,

Someone trips,

Another stumbles,

Up or down,

A volcano rumbles,

Too many tasks,

Our memories fail,

A thought conceived,

A soul for sale,

How does the mind work?

How do these wheels turn?

I fear that is something,

We will never learn.

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