her greatest joy

The sky was dark

she walked alone

trying hard

to make it home

feeling the presence

but still unsure

that she were followed

by a man impure

before she knew it

he grabbed her face

forced her down

violated her space

consumating an innocent

within her womb

a constant reminder

of that night of gloom

she was merely a child

as she entered the clinic

stares burning on her skin

from the eyes of a cynic

"tramp" they muttered

as she passed them by

a pregnant teenager

was enough to make them spy

"Look at that trash!"

"I feel sorry for the child."

"Couldn't she control herself?

Or is she that wild?"

Without a tear

she ignored their remarks

Jesus knew the truth

she wasn't in the dark

for she knew the pain of being raped

would always leave a scar

but killing a baby would leave

the deepest wound by far

so five months later she gave birth

to a healthy baby boy

and despite all the humiliation endured

he was her greatest joy

©2002 All Rights Reserved.

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