Left Undead (C)

were is johnny

was it funny

do you understand me

i can barley sleep

was it my fault

did i make the call

were you sure enough in my head

Why you leave me left undead

Why you leave me left undead

I don't want to know why

I see the passion in your eyes

and still i know your safe

victim of a childish game

no more interuptions

casolencet makes my face hurt

I know my name

you played my game

you understand my fluent tendencies

then why did you did you did you

Why did you leave me left undead

Why did you leave me left undead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this no reason just grabbed my guitar and starting singing and playing chords..

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What Is This Called?!

Love & Boyz

Your personality is amazing

Just like your soul

Your the man i once dreamt about

The one who swept me off my feet

Just like that dream

My heart fell for you

Maybe faster than it should have

Reality is we are aprat

But hopefully that gap will dissapear

Brining us together for true love

Something we we might have

But we never found the awnser

Maybe soon we will

Till then we must reain un-seprable

Whether we be friend or more

You make me happy

You make me blush

You make me feel special

And I try to return the feelings

So you know what it feels like

To be loved.....

I tell people I am in love

But do I really understand

What love is?

I beleive love is you

Simply because we've know each other for a while

But do u love me?

As a friend I know

Without a doubt

But when will we know

Is love is for us?

And will love be

In a friendly form

Or more?!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Think This Is Pretty Self Explanitory, EveryOne Should Know Who I'm Talking About!

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American Galaxy [Book. Motion Picture, Theatrical and Television Dimensions]

American Galaxy

Celebrating the People and the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave   

Remembering the Union's Faith Foundation   

A Loving Higher Purpose for the People   

Copyright © Ugonna Wachuku

i wish i was magic

i suppose when you squint

and look away that it isn't

me that is the distance

learning child

but i wonder

perhaps when you

twist and rattle

at the problems

in erin-land

i should know

sometimes it needs

to be someone else

with the wand of pleasure

but it would be nice

to chant

stumble and tumble

stubble on my chin

whisper the sweetness

so we can begin again

yes and

it would be so comforting

for all my insecurities

if i could make you laugh

out loud

even if it isn't my position to

present you with enchantment

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" Let's See The World "


Stop what you're doing,

slowly drift with me.

Close your eye's now,

it's the world you're gonna see.

Imagine you're on the cloud's,

above the world so high.

Relax and feel the pleasure,

of the Lord's great sky.

Take a moment to stretch,

your limb's through the air.

Let the cloud's of creation,

handle you with care.

Now look all around you,

there's the world, to see.

A creation made from God,

for both you and me.

Is everyone behaving well,

the way our Father asked?

Or is most of them secluded,

behind the evil, of a mask?

Picture in your mind,

is your life the same?

And if the answer is yes,

then it's yourself to blame.

We often get lost in our life,

due to obstacle's in our way.

However we need to focus,

on our action's everyday.

Think very carefully,

at the next step you take.

Let God guide you through,

for His, Your's and Jesus sake!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you really think about it, the poem that I've created makes a lot of sense. All we have to do is take control of our life, and not let it get carried away by thing's that are of no use to us. Get saved, invite Jesus into your heart, and Love and cherish what God has gave to us.... A gift of life is the most precious gift that anyone can ever recieve. All we have to do is live our life by the way He intended. Help each other, if you see someone in need try, try, try, your best to help them. You can never tell; God may be desguised as a person you would never suspect. But keep in mind to always be careful, of the one's dressed in sheep clothing!!!!!!!!!!

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A Verse for Michelle


A Verse for Michelle

Let me inspire you.

I’m not to trying to judge you

I just see more for you

Don’t look at me

And think me is who

Everyone wants you to be

You is who you need to meet

And you is who we want you to be

Take this as a message from me…

This is not me trying to scold you

More of me trying to mold you,

I want you to open your eyes and realize,

All things magnificent you posses inside.

Don’t take this the wrong way

These are just some things I had to say

I see your life headed to be incomplete,

I don’t want you to end up

Living vicariously through someone else’s dreams.

Take the time now to understand you

Because there will come a time when all you have is you…

And if you can’t know and depend on yourself,

Then what in this world do you have left?

Take this time to close your eyes and open your heart,

You know by now, that things fall apart.

This is not me trying to be better than you

This is me extending guidance to you.

If you only knew half the tears people cry for you

I’m sure you wouldn’t do half the things you do.

This is not only about the choices you make

But about how you make them too,

Be cautious because once they’ve been made

There’s nothing else you can do.

Just be mindful of the life you want to lead

Someone so precious shouldn’t be

Anchored by total dependency.

Once again, if you still don’t know

This is not me being superior to you,

These are just some things I’ve been sent to show.

Live a life of no regrets and choose well the road you take,

For there’s not one of us who hasn’t made a mistake.

Take this is as you might and do with it as you fill,

Sooner or later WE”LL all of to realize

That what’s meant for you is God’s will.

Robyn V. Evans

© 2002

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I'm Here

Though you choose,

to be your own.

I choose to remain,

to you unknown.

I hope you do,

know that through it all,

I’ll be here,

to break your fall.

I’ll pray for the moment,

and all that you do.

I’ll be the guardian angel,

who watches over you.

Through bumps, through falls,

the ladders, the ring.

I feel your pain,

through everything.

I’m the tears,

in your eyes,

when you feel the pain.

When you can’t lie.

I’m here for you, Jeff.

Whenever you call.

Whenever you fall.

I’m here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(For Jeff)

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I Feel For You


If I had some magical elixir to relieve you of your despair I’d prescribed the maximum dosage for you. If I could concoct some mysterious potion to make you forget about your past and not worry about your future, I’d bottle it myself.  Because I can’t feel right knowing that you feel wrong. I want to cure your ill thoughts, and mend your broken dreams, and be all of your promises. I would blaze an unknown trail for some superstitious charm that would relieve you of all harm. I wish I could take you back to when you were free to be who you were and to love who you were and to love who you wanted to be. I want to be able to operate and surgically remove that cancerous vibe that’s been plaguing you. I wish I could bandage any wounds that aren’t able to heal and soothe the open scars left on your heart and those impressed in your mind. I want to resuscitate your life with my love because I can’t feel right knowing that you feel wrong. I want to replenish your faith in trust and in truth with my actions and skillful intuition. I want to prove to you that your worth is not equivalent to worthlessness. I want to restore vision to your future and be your guiding light. But you see, my love for you will have to be sufficient, because I can’t feel right knowing that you feel wrong.

Robyn V. Evans


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Do You Love Me?


“Do you need me?”

     -She stood in his arms,

     -Warm, comfortable, happy.

     -She had everything she wanted,

     -And he was there with her.


     -What? He must be joking.

     -She looked into his eyes.

     -No, no sparkle, no teasing,

     -Just a deep sorrow there.

“Do you want me?”

     He did, more than anything.

     Needed her, wanted her,

     Didn’t want to live without her.

     But he had to answer.


     Her eyes welled up,

     She turned to face him.

     He had to do this,

     He waited for the next question.

“Do you love me?”

     -Her tears were falling freely.

     How can he do this to her?

     -How can he do this to her?

     He must stick to his choice.

     -She loves him, she wants him.

     She will be better off,

     -What did she do?

     He can’t hurt her anymore.

     -We’ve been through so much.

     He has to answer, he has to do it.



     He stepped out the door.


     And out of her life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written 10/30/02

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