{Shakespearian, Curtal couplet}

I found her (I guess it was a she-bird)

under our lilac bush, on a warm, Summer day.

She didn't flee, like she knew I wouldn't hurt.

I spoke softly, & her tiny, bright eyes never looked away.

I took her gently, touching her beak first,

trying to convey my own shyness at this meeting.

She didn't flutter, nor even have shudders,

& I spoke continually, tenderly, almost pleading:

"Dear, fallen one, I'll help you fly again".

So, I kept her for two weeks or so,

& when I saw that her wings seemed again even,

I removed the cage, held her, & bade her: "GO!"

She flew awhile, a circle,

weak wing down.

(I hope, being thankful),

then---flurry!---she was gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An actual event, brought to mind by a later meeting with a wonderful, hurt heart, which has healed me as it was healed.

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Judy Costea's picture

Mr Patton,
Such a beautiful poem, This poem caught my eyes because I wrote one called: (Love Can Not Fly On Broken Wings).
It was written for my daughter. You have some very special work here. Keep up the writing please, I do enjoy your poetry.

Lesa Gay's picture

WONDERFUL title! This is truely beautiful and just what I could see you doing. Your sensitivity is so heartwarming. Not many men would reveal themselves in such a way feeling it was not Macho enough. Little do they know!


onelilartist's picture

What a "just like you" thing to do. This is beautiful. I know someone who felt guilty for tearing a just -begun nest from an expensive blooming hanging basket. Some men are just special.