For A Friend

The grieving heart that silently cries

Remembers gifts of loving smiles.

Encourageing words and prayers

From beyond the heavens

Becomes the reasons

To move forward.

For your heart ~

I wish ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my friend Dougie and in rememberance of his sister.  ~Lesa~

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JL Montgomery's picture

This is sooooo neat! Love it!

Margaret Ayres's picture

Thank you for such loving words of comfort to my son.
You are a beautiful Lady.

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Hi Lesa,

I think this is a lovely message of encouragement and support for your friend Dougie. I'km sure he appreciates youe love and warm words. And I get to be the 1st to critiqued the only remaining poem you have written that hadn't been critiqued.

till now!!!...tee hee

Have a great week

in light and Spirit,

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I like this poem too.
It was short, sweet, right to the point.
You are good with this kind of format.

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Thank you so much Lesa, Your kindness and wonderful encouragement have ment so much to me in these last few days. Yes it has been hard, and I know that healing is a long process. But thanks to the kind hearts of people such as yourself, I shall survive this and become a much better person and writer for it! you have become such a dear friend in a time when I have needed just that most of all. May the peace that comes with the blessings and love of God, always bless you and your family.

Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~