Sky less Bird

you've lost your way

your wings have melted

over clouds so gay

a terrific martyr

your story must have been

an enchanting preach

to fledglings from

tower to glen

a tender gentility in splendid flutter

you are a trombone

lost to its own wind

through lips so puckered by notes so thin

but for one desperate less day

this evoking day

you had me therein.......

(writ May 8,2003445am)

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In Your Arms


Upon the rising of the moon,

I long to wake up next to you,

And though I do not wish to sleep,

For all this time with you I need,

I fall asleep in your warm arms,

To wake again to your alarm,

Then I notice not a thing,

Except for you there next to me,

And though inside I do not know,

The depth for which you've healed my soul,

I curl up close within you now,

Not knowing exactly when or how.

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All the hands

Moons reaching out to grasp fingerfulls of nothing

Not even a handful of time's fair heartbeat

Silence after the Word

The empty drawing back futility breaks the dove spines

Anchors them to the Shrieking Rocks

Fingerfull of lost equator spilling pentameter the rhyme binds

Nothing nothing no thing nothing nothing

All the hands

Moons flinging out to scatter fingerfulls of nothing

Volumes of Empty meaningless blank phrases complete

Silence after the Word

Upon awakening shouts cruelly echo from the slums cries

Drowing like hawks no silence yet breaking

Fingerholds of shudder and in the darkness some

Light beacons

Something Sunlight

Held firmly

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You are what I love most

I love you with all my heart

I wish that we will never part

I love you more and more every day

Why do you have to be so far away

I think about you in every way

In my mind is a picture of your face

And I want you to know that no one can ever take your place

In my heart you will forever stay

There is no price that I wouldn't pay

As long as I could see you and hold you close

You are what I love most

I feel you are my reason for life

And hopefully some day I shall be your wife

I'm yours and yours alone

When I'm with you I always feel at home

No matter who I'm with or see

You are the one on my mind

My heart has a lock

And you hold the key

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A Padre Weeps.

The road, tree lined, with grassy verge,

Dappled in sunkissed shadows,

A line of marching soldiers emerge,

Keeping to the road, avoiding the mined hedgerows.

Then the shooting started, machinegun, and mortar,

Tanks rumbled, with flaring gun turrets,

Adding to the two way slaughter,

Kill or be killed, time to show your merit.

Dead men on the sun dappled road,

Some dressed in Khaki, some in grey.

The fighting moves on soldiers marched or rode,

Scarcely looking, no time to kneel and pray.

Reinforcements rush up, a squadron of tanks,

Racing to catchh up to continue the fight,

They keep to the road, fearing the mines on the banks,

Leaving behind crushed bodies bathed in sunlight.

The Padre drives up, kneels to pray,

Reaches out, bare hands search through cloth and flesh,

Seeking their identity in his reverand way,

So that a mother, wife or lover,can be told he died today.

Now as I drive down busy roads and country lane,

I see many of natures' creatures cruelly slain,

I think of that Padre kneelin, with his tears flowing.

Dropping on crushed bodies, names unknown.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

With the world talking about war, I keep thinking about WW2, and get flash back scenes I thought I had managed to forget.

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Feeling another's pain 10-26-01


I know what it's like to have something taken

I know whats' it's like to miss something you love so much.

I know his pain because I have been in his shoes.

Both our brothers have been taken from us at God's will.

But no matter how much we hurt, we live on still.

Living through this pain from the dead,

Would so much like to forget this memory from our head.

Others will say they know what he's going through.

But you have no idea until it happens to you!

He's never felt pain this great before.

But now I feel it too, as I've onced endoured.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Brian Chandlee when his little brother died from Trysamy 18

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2003 Poetry

open your heart

i am beyond close ingress

i won’t break in

that would be trespassing

speak your mind my love

do you honestly think

i will not understand?

i have taken the past

would you think

i will not now?

lay your cards

show me the ways

or give me a hint and

maybe somehow

we’ll be on the same ground

i’m  too dense to

read all your actions

please don't you misconstrue

take my day or two

or take my whole life through

i exist because of you

my day's complete with

the sound of your voice

so let me hear it

strident or mellow

i will take it

written 01/13/2003

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Begin the Benign

Another Year?

Oh dear, oh dear,

The last one came,

To put me near,

Another end,

I fear, I fear,

But most I find,

In all that is,

If it's life you like,

Then it's part the biz'.

And please rememb',

That if near the end,

That it's best to be,

Your faith my friend,

For your faith will lift,

Your soul to fly,

Beyond the hurt,

And beyond the crime.

And I do not preach,

Of religous belief,

For it is your own,

That brings relief,

For all books read,

And all stories told,

It is faith in yourself,

That helps grow old.

©R.H.Elliott 2003

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How Do You Feel??

How do you feel about me that's all i want to know.

I really do try to let my feelings for you show.

I really do like you,but I don't know what to do.

I'm just wondering if you feel the same way too

I wished I could tell you exactly how i feel.

But before i do i want to know the deal.

Well now you know that i really do like you.

Oh my gosh,how i hope you like me this much too!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a guy who i liked and was afraid to tell him i liked him..Well i finally got the nerve to tell him but i didn't ask how he felt so i never did and i am still wondering to this day

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