I Can See The Rainbow !

Here I am again my friends

before this empty page

It seems I spend much time with you

to ease my heart these days

"You've Got Mail" a pleasure

Someone has dropped by to say hello

Faceless friendships granted

now with names I'v grown to know

Friendships within a cyber world

but friendships just the same

has helped to mend a healing heart

that has been so filled with pain

Simple words of kindness

Offers of sweet prayers

from cyber friends upon a page

that are ever present here

I truly want to thank you

~All my PostPoem friends~

You have helped a very hopeless heart

find some hope again.

There are some VERY special people

in these VERY special halls

I have been wrapped in prayers and friendship

My thanks goes out to all

To the inspiration of this title

"You truly brought a smile"

to a heart that has found it very tough

to do that in awhile

So ~ Yes

I Can See A Rainbow

just beyond the parting clouds

Its hue of wonderous colors

are not invisible to me now

Because of truly caring hearts

that the Lord has brought my way

~I Can See The Rainbow~

In friendship magnificently displayed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What you have just read was not ment to be a great work of art.  Perhaps I should have put my words of Thanks in prose to make sure that it is understood.  This title given to me from Jessica could have gone in many different directions but I felt that this was the best way to describe the "rainbow" that is becomming clearer to me every day. My true gratitude to everyone that has been so kind.  I hope that each of you know your name because I DO! ~Lesa~

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chris's picture

What about you? It is great to know you too. You are a great friend as well. A great friend and a talented writer.

Shaketa Copelin's picture

Another heartfelt beautiful piece. Your words are a colorful work of art.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I think this is beautiful,friends do not have to be before your eyes in person to be there and care. Ive made many friends at PP. I wish many times I could meet them in person but too far away-all over the country,in Nigeria, Canada etc still like you I also love getting the emails too. I love looking at daily on PP to see what people are writing and how they feel about things,it's a great inspiration

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Hi Lesa, I think this is a beautiful tribute to friend for all post poems people, I personally thank you for it.Look forward to long friendship! Keep smiling keep writing!

ugonna's picture

A truely striking
piece of metaphoric


giajl's picture

Hi Lesa,
At the time of your writing this particular poem .
I didn't realise how new and fresh to the world you were/still are.
Hey a bit like Bambi as you wobble on unsteady legs in a brand new world.
Hope thus far down the line you have pleasant thoughts and manage to sleep at night.
escaping from one situation, don't lock into another.
Don't be a slave to the screen........

hey babe get out and live life again

Best regards
Jim love

Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!

Kristine Snow's picture

I am so honored to be the first to read this! This is such a nice poem. What a wonderful thing for you to do....but P/P does feel like a family, doesn't it? I have made so many good friends in here....and am glad to be able to count you as one of them. Thanks, Lesa.


Douglas Lazard's picture

AHhhhh Yes Lesa, There are rainbows everywhere if we just look! I too am blessed as you are to have a few really good friends here at postpoems. You and Jessica are both great blessings to me and I feel thankful to have you both. Seems like ya'll always have the right words at the right time! "Luv ya both"
Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~

running_with_rabbits's picture

that was well done:) it read so well :)


Much Love


onelilartist's picture

"The hairs of your head are numbered..." and your name is well known to Him also. You deserve much happiness and a rainbow in every day. You do your best to make others feel special and then meet your own demons quietly. I think PostPoems is blessed to have YOU, Lesa. This is very special.

Wei Yeo's picture

this is such a lovely poem about friends, i am really glad that you are filled with hope. may god bless you!