Travel the Gravel

Travel the ways of life never gives up the bite.

Its given 2 you 2 fAll, Purpose of this silent call

Try 2 tell me different, You’ll see mention 2 be complete!

Take for intense control, Is this how its suppose 2 go trying really hard not 2 crack, Simple judgments on those who lack. These are the facts of my life; Words can hurt more than a knife, Please cupid show me the way! Cause im believing in another day, Expand, Prove, Talent, it can happen 2 those who put their soul into it.

Direct the direction you want 2 lead, Seek out the ears that want 2 hear it, Believe your voice and dream, Make those who don’t eyes see, The hearts that's waiting the souls that's trapped, The only person with the map...

Reality Attack...

                                                                     Bishop B

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Ghetto Politics

Dont judge a book by its cover, Those who do cant explain the cover slow down and see read what’s written take notes, Just because it seems ok dont make it convenient 2 copyright the materials that's not understood by the eyes of destruction. This is dialect dialogue is like a diamond that shines over those who are deceitful determine 2 experience overindulgence an event 2 exclaim power, If its the mouth or money or just the surrounding I exist 2 be heard and not taken for granted, This masterpiece cant be matched nor ignored, Those that are ignorant cant identify the intelligence introduced 2 them just insult 2 make an solution for themselves.

Never no sorrow of an poetic solider, The solution is 2 keep faith and never surrender 2 sustain taboo, These tactics will hold those who are lost with themselves clueless and swift 2 tear this technique with an technical foul which home court advantage is always contemporary also bitter sweet, Its official that possessive portrayal favorable 2 point and not direct attention 2 themselves...

Its like pork, pollution, politics, and police

Pork is the pig, Pig is the police, Police is the politics and what do they have in common pollution 2 pollute best way possible even if wrong 2 them wrong is right and as long they have the position 2 be possessive only GOD can pronounce the true identity of there profession...

                                                  Bishop B

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Missing Nettajack



Missing you

so the playa hata's show'd

what they feel is power

but you're pressence felt

too strong, to let them

see you cower

had no luck with nattidark

but there is no true answer

in leaving that true from


yes, the family is aching

for nettajack

though it sounds promising

the family does not want

to be nettajacked

no doubt, without question

you the mother of soul

the sister of romance

and the queen of

straight talk

the balla of spoken

hypnotic rythem walk

walking on the souls

who dare to read

stepping on chords

of inspiration.....

as the children cry - FEED ME

for this is a hunger you

over fed, before they

even realized they were hungry

Now, their stomachs have

grown to the size of their hearts

filled with the reflection of love

you've shown - will you take

that away

leaving them to feast on the

pains of forever-more my love

will I ever see thee again

how grave indeed is this plight

nettajack...we beg of you  please

don't take flight

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Song for America

The world heard cries of heavens

On that terrible day: September 11th

So many human souls were gone

They weren’t meant to see next dawn

The heart of the planet was bleeding and crying

When innocent people were dying and dying

There was an attempt of annihilation

Of the freedom-loving nation

In state of despair steadfast faith had been lost

Fear penetrated into the human mind like a ghost

The human being not always accepts and understands

Why destiny chooses a certain course of events

But having cried out bitter tears of sorrow

America found bravery to fight for better tomorrow

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Call me...

When you feel low

as if everyone in the world forgot you

call me, I am your friend

and when you feel hurt

cause someone has told you

he's has to go

tell me, I will be there

and when someone told you

he loved you

and then everything changes the next day

call me, I can share your pain

and when you feel

that the world is falling apart

talk to me, give me a start

and when you feel empty

as if someone took your heart

then let me fill you up

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Your beauty I always admired but your smile captivates me.

It lights my world and makes me smile-

"Roses are red and violets are blue, by far there are no

Other flowers as lovely as you"-

Smile now but don't cry later, as long as I'm by your side,

Your happiness is what I desire-

If i was your genie in a bottle, your wishes would be my

Command...the world is not enough. In my eyes your worth

More than gold-

Your cute simese eyes sparkle like diamonds. I'll walk a

Hundred miles just to see you smile-

Picture perfect in the eyes of the beholder. With more than

A thousand words to express my feelings-

Your embrace is warmth, passion in your kiss, sweetnest in

Your lips. Weakens my knees and enlights my soul but girl,

I love it when you smile-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A smile can make someones' day!!!

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Let Her Breath...

"If time is the essence of love...let her breath!

Let her be all that she wants to be...let her breath!

If she's confuse give her space so she can see the real you.

Be her friend in her time of need. Believe in this and it Will be.

When a women is trying to find herself, a man will never find her,

Unless he understands her.

"Let her breath...

We take women for granted. Abuse their loyalty. With the

Weight of the world on their shoulders, let's not be boulders

In their path.

"Let them breath...

A women needs to exhale, time alone, time-out from the world.

Time to breath. A royalty of their own.

Some are shy, loud, interesting, wonderful and some are all of

The above.

If we as men pay attention to them, we will learn from them.

Their beautiful in their creation; God's image.

We forget that their vulnerable, no matter how strong they may

Be. Sooner or later they need comfort or a shoulder to cry on.

Be a friend and the rest will follow.

"Let her breath...let her be all that she wants to be...

The pain of life is felt through birth...they breath to

Conceive! Remember what we put them through.

Friend, girlfriend, sister, aunt, wife and mother, I LOVE YOU

And will never doubt you. Without you I wouldn't exist, I

Wouldn't be who I am or who I'm going to be.

The truth is that I need you, I miss you. In you i find

Comfort to speak freely, conversations that make sense.

I must admit your kiss is like no other; passion in your lips.

Your words of wisdom soothe my soul.

I met a lovely lady as sweet as she can be but I'm letting her

Breath...I'm not going to leave her side because I feel we

Where meant to be, in friendship and prosperity; but first I'm

Letting her breath...

Some soul searching of her own, I'm here to let you know, I'm

Like no other. I'm a gentleman who cares about you deeply and

I know your not naive to see that I'm being patient and enjoy

Your company.

As a man, I'm learning to understand you..."go on baby...breath!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Men don't be pushy,
"let them breath....

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Love is more than a 4 letter word

Love is more than just a 4 letter word,

if you can define it for me.

You can't play with others feelings with the word L-O-V-E

it has meaning to it.

It takes two people to make something out of that word,

not only that it is the mind that you play with. Which is not good. The heart, oh no please don't have me to go there.

Love don't come easily,

but it is very hard to go.

You can't use that word only to make a float show out of it,

There is strong power in the word love.

It will stay in your heart and mind for quite some time,

you can't just tell anyone that you love them.

You shouldn't, but people do all the time.

Find out what it means before you use it. Love is made to last not only that hold on to your lover steadfast. Love is not a word that will just pass..

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*Enamorado *

                      i feel so safe and

                      secure when im in

                     your passionate arms

                      there is no place

                     i wouldn't rather be

                     than not next to you ,

                     because you make all

                    of my dreams come true.


                  this poem is all mine      


Author's Notes/Comments: 

*embraced* is a
poem about a woman in
love with her man she
feels safe in her lovers
warm arms . shes so blessed  to have him in
her life shes now complete and now she doesnt have to worry about living and growing
old and alone all by herself no more she has
her prince by her side .
now and forever shes in
a paradise without the long uneasy trip hee hee
smiles peace and joy .

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