magnanakaw na anak (in Tagalog language)








magnanakaw na anak (in Tagalog language)




problema sa buhay niya

sinama ako

pati pagnanakaw ng

paso at gamit nila

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Haqueian Verse


Has stolen her mobile,

Leaving her,

In boundless,



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Pirate Curse


Nair rest the mind eye: trappings 
ensnarement in blindnesse die 
a dialogue here within
read beyond

 Oh when the winds change 
direction no one'evr  knows
the future of the story to unfold
insidious wickednesse or mutiny
n'er retreat but eye for eye

the humble boots man tread 
on the land once fed by the 
treasure gold and blood of red
fortune to be made or lost never
to return

Aye the cheats to fire and burn 
matt'r nought he be on land or sea
may be strick'n wrought with 

Oh damnedest soul of griefe and 
tainted swive 
Beshackle to thee Miss Fortune 
as ye bride.
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Asking Questions Of Baba In Books



Asking Questions of Baba in Books


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This writer can ask Baba a question, pray, and open at random one of His Sathya Sai Speaks, Vahinis, or Summer Showers for an answer. As of May 2011, there are 72 of His books free and online in the discourse section.


Asking Baba if I could reproduce pictures of Him without ashram permission the answer in Sathya Sai Speaks was: ‘the thief so intensely desired the jewels of Krishna that Krishna poured them into his lap’


Walking by 13th and F in Washington, a park, I wondered if I should offer one of the homeless men there a room in our home and opened in the Ramayana to
‘you have not yet learned the mantras with which to expel demons’


Yet several years later, when a man recently widowed asked if we would
give a room, we opened in Matthew to “I was a stranger and you took me in.”


On my only trip as of this time to India, in London the question
was’ may I sightsee a little before going to the ashram”’. The
answer in the Bhagavad Gita was
‘Although the Lord is omnipresent he is situated in one place’


The trip to Baba was made possible by a round the world ticket from PanAmâ..¦$1100 for 12 city stops
around the world.. one had to stay at least 2 days in each city and had to go
continuously in
either an eastern or western path. On the way home, thinking to get more value
out of the ticket
by going to Miami from San Francisco rather than back to Washington, I felt
uncentered  and asked if I should return that day to DC. The answer was
‘Uttaryana: today the sun begins its northern journey’


Distributing vegan fliers near a meat counter in a Safeway,
afterwards I asked Baba about it and opened to ‘when the fruit is green it will not fall even if you beat it with a sharp
when it is ripe it falls of its own accord in the silence of the night.’


When G MacCray, a very talented artist,
drew a masterful picture of a living
pig in a sandwich in 3 or 4 minutes so that
we could put it on tshirts and
make funds for our fruitarian and animal rights group,
another group began reproducing
our design. Feeling uncentered
I asked Baba for comment and
opened to ‘The teacher should
be happy when a pupil takes over
her work. Why do you want to remain in 1st grade forever?

Watching Cayuga, a German Shepherd with hip dysplasia while her human companion
J Freundschuh was at the
ashram, I wondered if it would prevent Cayuga’s muscle development if I always
helped her
into the car and opened to
‘be content if your seva is to lift a lame lamb over a stile’


I was invited by the guest of
honor to a fundraiser in Manhattan. But he was delayed
and there was no ticket at the
door. I went in to the bar
to wait for him. The organizer
of the fundraiser didn’t know
me and though I had ordered
no drink berated me as
a gatecrasher. I left and
feeling sad opened in the
Gospels to ‘the Son of Man
has no place to lay his head’ The interpretation for me

(it would be different for each) was not that I could

in any way be compared to Jesus but that if I

were more like Jesus I would not be uncentered

by the treatment.


Sometimes I use a Bartlett€™s or other book of
quotations. In one of them the question was
whether or not to talk to a certain person about Him.

The answer was ‘Talk to him of Jacob’s ladder, and

he would ask the number of steps’, a quote of Shakespeare*



*Obviously it is we who move and not the sun/ Uttaryana is a holy day
what from earth seems a northern journey.


Once when someone I love very much was in the midst of a 24 hour delivery, I asked Baba for guidance and opened to the W B Yeats line:

‘A sudden blow but: the great wings beating still
Above the staggering girl’
and she gave birth shortly after to a wonderful wonderful child.


Baba has said He will answer

Any question if

  1. One is surrendered to

the answer

b/  If it is about an immediate

decision to be made

  1. If it is about ones

own sadhana and not another’s


When one is totally aligned

to God’s infinite heart and will, there is no need to ask.

-saiom shriver-


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Polite Bank Robber

When I rob banks, the tellers panic with fright.

But I'm not a mean thief, I'm always polite.

When I demand money from the tellers, I always say please.

So far I'm a crook that the Police haven't been able to seize.

One bank teller was a man who wore a wig and a dress, he was a Transvestite.

The jerk severed my pinky finger when he grabbed my hand and gave it a bite.

I was way too polite to shoot him for it.

I grabbed my finger and as I drove to the hospital, I decided to floor it.

Right now I'm in Kansas and I'm robbing a bank in the town of Wichita.

The Cops just walked in, I'm finally going to be apprehended by the Law.

I'm so polite that I've never been able to be tough.

I'm crying like a baby as the Cops slap on the cuffs.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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Heart Thief


He had a tight
Grip on my heart
I didn’t know it then, but
He had it from the start

Eight years ago
When I gave him my love
I gave him my entire heart
Was he sent from above?

I didn’t know it then,
How could I, back then?
That he would rescue me
From so many years of sin

Oh take me away
My dearest Scott
Give me your love just
The way I like it, hot

And when you’re done
I will proudly wear your ring
When that day comes
We both shall sing

Written on
July 4, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to and about Scott Wolf. I am crossing my fingers on this, but hopefully he will become my husband, and father to our children.

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