For I watch as she says things
things about herself
like shes not good enough
ugly, bad, a pain
she thinks this
it makes me worry
am i doing the right thing ?
am i there for her enough
i try to be
she gets soo upset
it brings her down
i worry
i worry
I Listen to her crys
I help her through the night
Theres nothing wrong with her
nothing at all
the things she says
is not true
but lies of inner thoughts
but they live in her
i worry
i worry
what if they take hold of her
bring her to a point of no return
a point of unforgivness
and she takes her life
ill try my best to stop it
ill try my best
i love her
i worry
i worry

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sadness for this girl i love she brings herself down

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