Futility in motion

Dust and ash, or sorrow and pain
Choose one path and don't explain
It's a catch 22 reguardless of choice
Trying to scream while robbed of a voice

The path never opens the way I want it to
It all comes to me while I run toward you
You run away and I'm suddenly alone
A kingdom of ash and a dust covered throne

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∞ Infinity

Rookie Poet

After everything, all those years
Those happy nights, them burning tears
Forever felt, close-by and near,
But now it’s gone, with deep strong fear.
The fear of loss, the dreadful days
Nothing to do, to ease the pain
Distant memories, of sunsets and smiles
Heart-broken times, remain sad and futile
Teenage years, full of lust and firsts
Overshadowed by endings, with sudden disperse.
Questions impend within a shocked mind,
Once inseparable, how we intertwined
Forever is over, infinity spent
Lies swept away, all that’s left is your scent...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this about an hour ago... written mainly to get closure on a situation. Rookie poem by a rookie poet (rhyming and all!)

Time to move on.

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