It's getting harder...

It's getting harder to remember

what I was like

before I was damaged,

before you tore me open

and forced your darkness in.

I have tried to get it out

by opening my skin

but there is always more

left deep within.

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Forever Sadness

What is love?
Do we really know?
What's it made of,
How does it show?

I contemplate,
As of late,
of things I wish I knew.
Love and trust,
And life and lust.
But mostly, I just think of you.

I do not understand the world,
Or the things which lie within.
The mysteries I HAVE unfurled,
Have spread my patience thin.

I've tried and tried
To make things right.
But, do you even care?
I feel alone
and on my own.
But you are free from doubt?
Is it fair,
That I still care,
And you go on to scout,
for new love and life
Free of aches and strife?
And I am by myself?

I care for the wrong man,
Every time.
And No matter the case,
They are never truly mine.

Am I just a tissue,
Disposable and used?
Is THAT the issue?
That I'm damaged and bruised?

Please, I'm begging,
I've no one left.
The heart you stole,
Is no small theft.

Now, I am an empty house,
No creature within, not even a mouse.
I'm broken and hopeless and beaten up bad.
Maybe I'm meant to forever be sad.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling somewhat hopeless at the moment...


Volume One








I am damaged

my mind, my body, my soul.

I feel like I'm never whole

The dreams dance around my mind.

Wishing I could just hit rewind

to see it all over again

to see you again.

I am damaged

but somehow I managed

to crawl out and see

a world I built around me

beautiful and grotesque.

Something no one could molest.

This is my life, this is my home.


Somewhere in it all I got lost.

Somewhere in it all I got damaged.

This is what I am

its what separates me from them.

I am damaged

my spirit, my heart, my will

I close my eyes and I can feel

all the pain, escaping into my words, into my art

and that is when I know, it bled from my heart.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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