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I am damaged

my mind, my body, my soul.

I feel like I'm never whole

The dreams dance around my mind.

Wishing I could just hit rewind

to see it all over again

to see you again.

I am damaged

but somehow I managed

to crawl out and see

a world I built around me

beautiful and grotesque.

Something no one could molest.

This is my life, this is my home.


Somewhere in it all I got lost.

Somewhere in it all I got damaged.

This is what I am

its what separates me from them.

I am damaged

my spirit, my heart, my will

I close my eyes and I can feel

all the pain, escaping into my words, into my art

and that is when I know, it bled from my heart.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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Elfy's picture

IT sounds like somebody broke

IT sounds like somebody broke your heart, and you where stuck between the pain, and the process of trying to heal. That is the worst, yet best time through a break up. Sucks though. Great poem, and dont forget, your not always damaged, sometimes, your able to be glued, back into place. :) Hope you find your glue.


Oliver Wyles's picture

i really like the simple ryheme scheme it lends itself to the poem.

Pretty Little Pain Whore's picture

I've been sat up half the night - it's 03.15 here in the UK right now - reading poetry on this site, but when I came across your work I knew I had found true talent.
Your words are amazing, the emotion is raw, and I can relate to almost all that you say, however in this fantastic piece I can relate to ALL of it. Truely brilliant, you really are a great writer. (And being the great writer that you are, you should avoid reading any of my 'poetry' at all costs... I was gonna say it's a load of shit, but actually, in my opinion, it's only my recent stuff that's a load of shit, and that's probably because I'm going thru an episode of hypomania (I'm manic depressive) so I'm writing - and talking - rubbish. I'm certainly NOT talking rubbish in this critique tho, you really are an awesome writer).
Sorry if I've ranted on, it's the nature of the hypomanic episode.
Hope you are well,