An unconventional love poem

Girls say they are looking for the right man, but they look right through me.


They say there want someone with similar interests, but they never want to get to know me.


So many have come and gone, and they don't know that by pushing me aside, they have taken a part of me. 


They take one look at me. 

That's it.

One look.


They see someone who enjoys and plays sports, but they immediately think typical jock.


They see someone who majors in a word they can't understand and they immediately think nerd.


But if they would have sat down and talked with me, they would know the truth.


That, yes, I've played sports, but I'm a little shy. 


And don't have tons of friends, I'm a close friend kind of guy.


Baseball and football are how I pass my time.


Heck, I rarely write poems and make them try to rhyme.


I've only been horseback riding once, but I would go again, I'll even go again for a date.


I feel uncomfortable at big parties, but with close friends, I will stay up late.


I spend some time playing video games.


But that's just because I love competition. 


That last line didn't rhyme. Oh well. It's my poem. I can do what I want.


They don't know that I will give them everything I can.


I'll be their man.


Who holds them tight. Every night. 


But I know we'll argue, and once and a while fight.


But after it's said and done. I will continue to treat you like the princess you are.


It's funny how people always say "don't judge a girl by what's on the outside, but what in the inside."


But to be completely honest with you. Both sexes do the same thing.


We see someone who isn't drop dead gorgeous and we automatically dismiss them.


How do you know he doesn't like the same music, food, movies, sports, art, or interests?


You don't. But guess what. He loves everything you do. 


And because he wasn't what your physical appearance of Prince Charming, you may have just passed up a better soulmate than the one you end up with. 


I sit here at night, and I think of a girl. 


A girl who I've spilled my heart and soul out to. 


A girl who I believe is perfect for me and I believe I am for her. 


She's currently searching for "the one"


I know her interests, but she doesn't know mine.


Cause she sees that I'm not the kind of guy every girl flocks to.


I don't want to get into specifics so I'll keep the message more general. 


So when people talk about how guys don't treat girl by their feelings instead of their looks. 


Girls, you do the same thing. 


Think about the friend you have who always says "Hi, how are you doing today." 


And instead of just saying "Hi" and killing the convo.


Why don't you ask him how his day is going. 


Maybe one day your lives will be doing the same thing.












Author's Notes/Comments: 

It rhymes in some parts and doesnt in others. I wrote this in 20 mins, basically spilling out my feelings about the topic. 

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Tell them.

Watching the stars might make you feel small
like being an insignificant speck in it all

you start to think of your place in this cast
who am i to exist in something so vast?

What makes you unique?
What makes you of value?

nothing means something
only what we make matters

we make rules to "protect"
we make guidelines to follow

tell the children whats bad
tell the shallow its hollow

tell the wicked its wrong
tell the blind they cant see

tell the quiet to speak
tell them all what to be

tell the sick they are weak
tell the strong they are right

tell the old they have fallen
tell the good they cant fight

tell the young they cant think
tell the bad they arent right

Tell them.

from all of this nonsense
what good can be had?

fleeting grasps of joy
long days of regret

is there a reason to stay?
a reason to fight?

what happens to you when the day ends?
where will you be when you turn off the light?

sleeping soundly in a bed of down?
sleeping outside with your ear to the ground?

you have life and hold it to you
but when your treasure is taken, what will you do?

If you're watching the stars and begin to think
that you matter not and your time is a blink

then stop for a second and contemplate this
why ask yourself questions when nothings amiss?

things only matter because what we create
moves on to our children at some future date

this is the only immortality we can achieve
the only trick mortals have up their sleeve

we wont last, we wont stay.
all we have is this very same day.

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Scars or joys we leave behind...

Scars or joys we leave behind...

Senseless humans...!
To crave and posess what we cannot take with us when we leave "life",

senseless... to look another way when we see alike fall beside us...

We all come naked and naked we leave, we all suffer the same pain,
and we all wear the same skin that ages in front of a mirror,
...we might have money to cover up wrinkles a bit longer,
we might be buried in golden tombs or in the plain earth we step on,
but our bodies rot the same way,
and maggots may party while there's flesh left; but the end is always near, even for them.
We might live a colorful life, or live it buried in our own filth,
but this illusion we live here is just one for all of us "living" creatures.
Noone can take pain or death away from us,
noone is free while trapped inside this cocoon we call "body"
...and certainly it does not belong to us.

Tears may fall from those who love us when we're gone,
joy may be felt by those who hates us,
but those left here are just left to feel the pain that those gone will no longer feel...?
Who's laughing now?
Those long gone???
The free spirit... is there such thing?
Is our spirit/energy conscious when gone?
Is there a better "life" beyond what we know?
Is this a better death?...which is which?
Guess that I will not understand it unless gone..

...I once caught a glimpse of that infinite wisdom
... if I was dreaming!? Guess that I wont live to tell...
It was plain day when I wished to know and asked "God" for that vision
... and it came as fast as it went away, but now I know, I know of it's simplicity
... I suffer, I ache, but I'm not afraid...
Like all of us here, I'm waiting in line for that unavoidable event,
perhaps for some of us it's OK to live without a conscience
but while I wait here,
I feel the need to tell those behind golden glasses,
that their vision, like everybody just a short illusion.

Foreword: Live, let live and make peace while you think you are living...
Amilcar Cuenca
Montevideo, Uruguay

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Live, let live and make peace while you think you are living...

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