Tell them.

Watching the stars might make you feel small
like being an insignificant speck in it all

you start to think of your place in this cast
who am i to exist in something so vast?

What makes you unique?
What makes you of value?

nothing means something
only what we make matters

we make rules to "protect"
we make guidelines to follow

tell the children whats bad
tell the shallow its hollow

tell the wicked its wrong
tell the blind they cant see

tell the quiet to speak
tell them all what to be

tell the sick they are weak
tell the strong they are right

tell the old they have fallen
tell the good they cant fight

tell the young they cant think
tell the bad they arent right

Tell them.

from all of this nonsense
what good can be had?

fleeting grasps of joy
long days of regret

is there a reason to stay?
a reason to fight?

what happens to you when the day ends?
where will you be when you turn off the light?

sleeping soundly in a bed of down?
sleeping outside with your ear to the ground?

you have life and hold it to you
but when your treasure is taken, what will you do?

If you're watching the stars and begin to think
that you matter not and your time is a blink

then stop for a second and contemplate this
why ask yourself questions when nothings amiss?

things only matter because what we create
moves on to our children at some future date

this is the only immortality we can achieve
the only trick mortals have up their sleeve

we wont last, we wont stay.
all we have is this very same day.

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