Intimacy (In This Moment)

To My Wife

Lost in this moment

The warmth of our bodies make us sweat

The stiffness from what we have just accomplished

You and I,

A miracle

Your breath invites me in

Into your heart

Into your mind

Into your very soul

As our bodies mesh into one

As our souls embrace each other

You sigh as I touch you

Ectasy as we unite

Swirlling vortex of pleasure

Both of us lose sight

As life is created within you

As death is passed on through me

A miracle is created

A mirror of that moment

When we came together as one

The Lost Soldier/Bride part 1


Please don't leave me, please don't go

When you are gone the days will feel slow.

Every second you're away I will think of you.

I will write you, will you write too?

Will you come back, or will you die fighting?

Will you go with courage, or will you die hiding?

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Baruch likes
Marvel's wife
he likes being


with her
likes her near
Marvel said


come over
come play chess
have a few drinks


a smoke or so
and so he has
and Marvel's wife is there


and she's got the drinks
and made up
some sandwiches


and sits nearby
watching the TV
and he sees her there


wearing the red dress
her dark hair
and when she walks


across the room
he catches sight
of her swaying ass


the tightness of the dress
where it holds
and he looks


half knowingly
so as not
to arouse Marvel's


but little
does Marvel know


that Baruch has seen her
when he was out
on his job


little did he know
his wife has brought
Baruch in


got him a drink
and relaxed him
on the white sofa


shut the mutt
in the other room
and said


how do you like your drink?
and he said


and so she got him
a cool drink
and swayed back to him 


leaning down towards him
easing down
her fine breasts


towards him
and that time
when she was


all over him
kissing his neck
coming on strong


and the sofa
where Marvel's wife
sits now


has been a place
of serious love making
but Marvel thinks only


of the next chess move
his stubby fingers
moving his piece


thinking of checkmate
not seeing Baruch's eyes
on his wife


as she sits
on the white sofa
and Baruch takes in


her knees
the legs crossing over
Marvel smoking


his cigarette
smiling as he moves
his bishop


his eyes on the board
and his wife sitting there
behind his back


on the sofa
lying back
pointing to Baruch


her lonely cleavage
and he smiling
one eye


on the board
and on his queen
and the other eye


seeking an opening
in her dress
some visual


to take home
some dream piece
to take to bed


and turn around
and around
inside his head.

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From heaven above you did decend...

bringing love that will never end...

my love, my life my darling wife...

In love with you till the bitter-sweet end..

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To My Future Wife


Everyone is half of who they’re intended to be

So I wonder if you’re the better half of me

And sometimes I wonder, as I look at the sky

If you’re waiting too, the exact same as I


Sing me a love song, never to part

Play on the strings, deep in my heart

Speak the words that heal my hurt soul

Say that you love me, make me whole


I thought I’d found love once before

But only after do I see what it was for

It was practice; a broken road, true

But thank God it led me straight to you


All these things I think, but we haven’t met

In fact, I’m not even sure that we’ve met yet

But I still pray for you every night

Thanking God that He picked you; for me you’re just right


Sing me a love song, never to part

Play on the strings, deep in my heart

Speak the words that heal my hurt soul

Say that you love me, make me whole


I learned love from a sacrifice

Though I once hated God, He paid the price

For me to live; made again new

And just as a present, He made you


I may not be perfect as yet

But just for you, I’ll do my very best

I think you’ll find, deep within me

A man who’ll love,

And protect,

And cherish you



That’s just me

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Seeds of love.

She planted seeds of love
deep in my heart
that flourished and bloomed like a flower
nourished with soft warm tender kisses
and summer love
that rained down on me
like a welcoming refreshing
invigorating shower.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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I'm lucky to be in your life as your man

We’re both reeling; we’re both dealing, with similar feelings
We jumped right back into this emotional game
There’s more at stake than just us
I hope you can ignore all of the baggage I’m burying
Because I know I can handle all of the baggage you’re carrying
I can only hope to replace your pain
That you pumped into your viens
I can only hope to replace your pain
That you chose to put up your nose
Life doesn’t play out like monopoly
There’s only moving forward you see
The past is the past and only through time
Can we deal with and move on from these crimes
Master of Puppets helped pull you out
Of that nonstop haze and emotional drought
For me it was, For Whom the Bell Tolls
Which pulled me out of emotional lulls?
It is you, Jaclyn Torrice Donovan, that gave my life sake
You came into my life, as I was about to break
I thank god every day for bringing you into my life
Would you do me the eternal honor of being my soul mate?
For sure meeting you again was my fate
Would you do me the eternal honor of being my wife?

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That Woman

I saw that woman again
I see her almost ever day
And every time I see her
She melts my heart away.

I love the way she looks
Her pretty face and smile
Even when she's not around
I see her all the while.

She is my greatest love
I wanty her by my side
I want her to know I love her
My feelings I will not hide.

I always want to hug her
Maybe a kiss now and then
I'd be happy just to hold her hand
And pretend she's just a friend.

Of course she's more than that
She's the woman that I love
And every single day and night
She's the one I'm thinking of.

I think about her through the day
And dream of her at night
The only woman in my life
That I love with all my might.

I've spent a lot of time with her
A good part of my life
For the past forty three years
She has been my wife.

I knew when I first saw her
Some day my wife she'd be
And on this, our anniversary day,
I know,
That woman,
Has been right,
For me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my wife on October 8th 2012 the day of our 43rd wedding anniversary. She placed it in a golden frame and keeps in on the endstand next to the bed.

Love Hate Relationship

Feels like I’m being tore in two. As that creature of habit wears into you.
Same shit, day in and day out. Nothing changes with pleasure or shout.
The days go by and you’re still the same. Drowning your thoughts with electronic chains.
“Relax, relax, relax, I just want to relax.” You’ve been ‘relaxing’ for days, you’re driving me insane.
The light from your screen blurs what you see. Nothing around you is clicking up stream.
You torture me with your sloth, and pride. I've never loved and hated someone so much.
I don’t want perfect. I don’t need perfect.
I need peace. Peace of mind you’ll help when I need. That you’ll be aware of the scene. That you know what’s at stake. That I know you are headed for your dreams, instead of you making me want to pull my hair out and scream.
But all you do is sit and wait. Make a move, show that you’re true.
Don’t wait for me to leave you behind, wishing I hadn’t given you a second of my time, for you to turn around and learn what you had to do, when this whole time I have been telling you.
Your games, your internet, it’s all a drug, and you don’t even know you’re addicted.
Saying others are scumbags because of their need, while blocking yours out by the lights of that goddamn screen.