Not Just Another Country Life

Well I knew God since I was three
Side-line sitter was fine with me
But that’s not where He wanted me to be
So He gave me just another country life

Well, I forgot God
Went my own way
Didn’t think how much I’d pay
The route I traveled was plain to see
It was based on only me
Lost my family
Lost my friends
But that’s not where the story ends
Even my dog, and my girl
They were all gone in a whirl
And the only person left was me
And I’m not very good company
And it’s real hard to be filled with the Spirit
When I’m full of me
I can’t even hear it
So I left God for pain and strife
Just another country life…..

Just another country life
Lose the dog, lose the wife
Lose all you got just for yourself
Live your own little Hell
Never go back, never prayin’
Never admit the Good Lord’s savin’
Spend all I have just on me
Cry some, never being free

Then I changed route…

And I headed back
No more “Me”
Want to be back in God’s company
Want to be filled by the Spirit so sweet
Tellin’ good news gives you beautiful feet
God gave me back my dog and girl
My friends and family around me twirl
No longer gonna live for me
Cause how boring would that be?
I’m fully God’s and His to use
In any way that He’d choose
So full of life and now I’m free
To live more than just another country life

Not just another country life
I found God, love my wife
Give all you got and give yourself
Never gonna go to Hell
Never go back, Always prayin’
Never forget the Good Lord’s savin’
God’s given me eternity
Cry some, now I’m always free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another attempt at a Country song.... Enjoy!

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My Love

Alone again
Nobody near
Or are my eyes just closed?
Luminous strangeness
Shifting shadows
A world undiscovered
A life not yet lived
A new beginning
My own imagination
A torrent of light and shadow
Existence and demise
Agony and ecstasy
Heat and ice
A look into my heart
What am I?
Light or dark?
I am whichever I feed
I am whoever I want to be
But who is this?
A new picture
Someone else
Someone I love
A beautiful person
A beautiful dream
Then I wake
There she is
Still asleep
And I smile
Thinking about you
And hoping by some slim chance
That you’re thinking of me too.

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How Beautiful the Morn

Light and Dark

Shifting shadows round my head
As I lie in my bed
The morning sun, rising red
How beautiful the morn!

Death it comes all too fast
Makes life precious; make it last
Sweet sadness fade to past
How beautiful the mourn!

New life comes, when old’s gone
Like a babe, like a fawn,
Baby child’s life’s first dawn
How beautiful their morn!

These things I think on in my bed,
With shifting shadows round my head
God’s morning sun, so bright red
How beautiful the morn!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Stayed up all night last night during a sleepover.... as I watched the morning rise, this poem came to me. Hope you like it!

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Shadows of Regret

Walking through life our shadows in step.
Sometimes they follow,
Sometimes they lead.
The regrets of our lives,
Our pasts, beside us.
Like a shadow, they follow.
And sometimes they lead.
The few, are fortunate beings.
Sometimes the light hits, just so.
There is no shadow at all.

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this fear

Unburried roots


living in fear

it's in my gut

sometimes it rises

to the center of my being


it frightens me

this fear

the darkness of its shadow

lurking behind the scenes


I feel it

following me

attempting to alter my coarse

at the first sign of weakness


I drudge ahead

feeling its weight on my back

it taps my shoulder 

and gives me a chill


oh fear

why do I give you so much power?

you don't deserve it

trying to overshadow my light


and yet, I give it to you

willingly ...

I give in so easily

wallowing in it


terrified by it ...


the darkness

the shadows

the wickedness

of my being


oh fear

come to get me

you know I will welcome you

as always ...



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Of love among shadows just after the rain,

confirming the stillness, confronting the pain.

The sent of Spring flowers awake in the breeze,

somewhere down a trail where nobody sees.


Of mystified wonders and thoughts on her grace,

I feel the tears now that slip down my face.

These winds sure to dry them, but more soon to fall.

Of love among shadows in wait of her call.


Now misty the pathway, though once in the clear.

These prayers never ending of holding her near.

To hope for a rainbow, to wish for the sun,

to think upon moments now frozen as one.


Of love among shadows so close to my heart.

Not sure to head forward or play it no part.

Just jaded in trees now where nothing seems true.,

in wait of the darkness to fall on the view.



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Standing in
I caught a
of you

from the
made my

(c) copyright heather burns

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Just a thought!

As the Sun crosses our horizon
And light filters into darkness,
Be assured, a new day will dawn...
Silhouettes looming in elusive shadows
Fading into light... and brightness
Will shine on us all.
               By Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"While watching the sunset, just wondered what could be so beautiful...A sunrise!"

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