Of love among shadows just after the rain,

confirming the stillness, confronting the pain.

The sent of Spring flowers awake in the breeze,

somewhere down a trail where nobody sees.


Of mystified wonders and thoughts on her grace,

I feel the tears now that slip down my face.

These winds sure to dry them, but more soon to fall.

Of love among shadows in wait of her call.


Now misty the pathway, though once in the clear.

These prayers never ending of holding her near.

To hope for a rainbow, to wish for the sun,

to think upon moments now frozen as one.


Of love among shadows so close to my heart.

Not sure to head forward or play it no part.

Just jaded in trees now where nothing seems true.,

in wait of the darkness to fall on the view.



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sanctus's picture

This is an OK piece

This is an OK piece

new_wave_franky's picture

Thanks so much...

Thanks so much. I appreciate that. I just tried here to express a few of my deeper emotions...all heartfelt and sincere. Sometimes I try and write directly to the readers about my situations in life. Things can be difficult, but I tend to think that honesty to myself is the best policy. Anyway, take care, and, again, I truly thank you for your comment.

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Of Love Among Shadows

beautiful love poem....Nice choice of words....
I hope you don't have to wait too long.....
Like your title very much....heather

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That really means a lot to me...

Thank you! That really means a lot to me. I guess waiting is often times the hardest part. It's even harder when ya know not for sure if there's ever even gonna be an arrival. But I suppose that that's the way life often is...not always knowing for certain just where we stand. As for your beautiful comments...I'm just glad that I didn't have to wait around too log for them. Also, so glad you liked the title, as it was an afterthought. Thanks again for your kind words. They truly inspire me! Take care.