The Night

The darkness arrives
And yet something wakes.
The sun goes to sleep
Covered in the blankets
Of the horizon.
The moon wakes up 
To take the sun's place.
Where the sun once watched over,
Now the moon does the same.


The creatures below sleep 
Both in comfort and discomfort.
The creatures move about 
In the shadows
Untouched by the moon's light.
Quietly they sleep.
Stealthily they crawl.
The night is quiet,
With silence the night wears on. 

Fibonacci Riders

This road as wide as the horizon,
It's uncharted,and fades into the sun,
Will you pull us off onto the ramp now?
Or decide this is why we have come?
A broad open palette awaits us,
A blank piece of paper and pen,
Is this freedom too much for our asking?
Are we just chasing rainbows again?
We could play any tune in this octave,
There's unlimited ways we could fly,
We are weightless and riding on spirit,
With our heartbeats and breathing close by.
A creation's what's ending this journey,
So emerge into nothingness, where?
I forgot to tell you there's no problem,
'Cause, guess what?
We are already there.



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Author's Notes/Comments: 

About creating in sync with the flow of life.

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Prime Directives

The Battle Mile

From somewhere beyond the borders of the out lands, she has been sent.
To bring order to the battle mile; the lawless region where the faceless burn illegal fuel
and race to destruction, the direct energy motor hums low, bringing with it, a new threat, a new weapon; oblivion to those who have no fear of death, those children of rebellion.
To bring law to the wastelands, to follow prime directives,
this new prototype would sacrifice its own life.
Operation Panzerfaust as been set into place; the program will succeed.

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Upon the Graves

Quiet falling leaves,
upon our lonesome graves.
End upon the day,
has bid the western star
to touch upon the planes of earth,
and sink beneath its sight.

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The battle mile

The Battle Mile

Into the night, into the unknown, their engines scream;
burning illegal fuel, burning into the horizon
they race along the late 21st century highways
pushing the digital limit, pushing the limit of human and machine
to the point of break down; shadowy figures who race along
the battle mile, the road that stretches into the waste lands
of destruction.

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Just a thought!

As the Sun crosses our horizon
And light filters into darkness,
Be assured, a new day will dawn...
Silhouettes looming in elusive shadows
Fading into light... and brightness
Will shine on us all.
               By Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"While watching the sunset, just wondered what could be so beautiful...A sunrise!"

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