Salt and Seashells


Sea salt made a fine layer of dust on your skin

when the cresting waves alternatingly

pushedand pulled your body

with the readiness of a lover. I stood

on the shore, toes gently lapped

by the aftermath to

the small violences you refused to shy away from

and daydreamed about your voice against my skin.

I called out to you, then,

and culled the seashells from my fist to select

the one best suited for your hand.

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I recollect the moment,

When my friends and I,

Would dive into the pond,

From the tree-branch high!


It was in my early days,

When earthly anxieties didn’t touch us,

Like the free birds we were!

We would do things necessary and superfluous!

Once we let ourselves go in the pond,


We would enjoy each moment and beyond!

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Open Pit

Smells so good,
Barbeques after

A swim, raw meat

On an open pit,
Slathered thick
With seasonings
And sweet sauce,
Cooked just right.


Sitting nearby,
My dog drools,
And just before
I take my first bite
One of my guests
Reminds me that
In some third
World countries
They eat dogs...


Suddenly, I
Lose my appetite
And grab a salad.


9:50 PM 5/9/2013 ©

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Ocean of Sorrow

Everyday I feel the pressure of the lies... Because I have no answer to life's whys.
Drifting through a troubled sea... Consisting of my many faults, it seems.
Ships sail by, and never stop to see... If I might need some help, but only laugh with glee.
Trying to reach the closest vessel... But this ocean of sorrow requires all of my strength to wrestle.
I want to reach out, to call for a savior... But I can't deviate from my constructed behavior.
And I hope for peace, but to my fate I'm resigned... Because I know in my heart...it's something I'll never find.
So I wait, and hope for a sign... From someone...anyone...benign.
Everyday I feel the pressure of the lies... Because I stopped looking for answers to life's whys.

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Another poem I wrote a while ago. Feedback would be appreciated, hope you like it!