My first time drunk By jfarrell

My first time drunk

By jfarrell


I was 16 and it was the first, and worst, party I’d been to

“Bring a bottle”

4 turned up; 2 brought bottles of whiskey; 0 drinks whiskey.


Well, I’m buggered if I’m wasting ten quid.

A minute ago I was teetotal,

Now, I’m a whisky drinker.


For four hours, the four of us

Sang along and headbanged to “Yellow Submarine”

Whilst I drank the whiskey.


As I drained the last I exclaimed

“Damn! 2 bottles of whiskey. Can I take my drink or what?”

Then collapsed on the floor.


Awake, but unable to move or speak

Just hope nothing bad happens

Now, that’s getting paralytically drunk, for real.


Scared I might vomit,

My ‘friends’ put me in the garden, for fresh air

And forgot about me.


Some hours later

Someone sees a body dumped in the garden

And all sigh in relief, it’s just me.


You’d think there’d be something to learn from that;

Some lesson about the folly of drinking.

But, I was a drunk, long before I discovered alcohol.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

and i still like the yellow submarine, by the beatles ;-)

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