Sunday Morning

Out of the darkness, the smell,
French toast, and the sound of sausage,
Sizzling bacon, and the aroma of buttermilk bisquits,
Muffled clamor of pots and pans, and running water,
Drawers on the bureau, closing,
One after one, she can't find the right socks,
I bury my head under the pillow,
The dog jumps on my bed,
And after many tries at waking me up,
I feel the weight and warmth of her on my feet,
I don't think I want to eat,
I want to sleep.


© 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sunday mornings when I was a kid.

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Good Morning

Nature / Folder 1

Stark and blazing fanfare of foretime now lapsed,

Standing in a puddle of meadow muffin,

Yesterday's snowfall melts under glimmering glass reflections,

And today begins in resplenence, luster and show.



Copyright © 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life can change overnight.

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Sleep, My Love

My Love

Just close your eyes

And sleep away your fear

In dreams, no-one dies

Don’t worry, I’m still here

Come morning light

You need not have a care

Because all will be alright

I’ll dry away your tears

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The Call

I looked out to the ocean
Darkness is all I see
But then the Morning Star
Who died and lives for me
For now the night reigns
But for those who’ve been drawn
Do not give up hope
It’s darkest ‘fore the dawn

Cry out you traitors
Your power fails away
In the glory
Of my King’s face
Come back you rebels
Your Father loves you still
And sent His only Son
To bring life you don’t deserve

But be warned
Your cause will not prevail
For nothing can stand against my Lord
All your schemes will fail
Because He loves you
He has prepared a way
To escape His Holy judgment
And live with Him always

Come to the light my brothers
He’s paid the price for you
To give you freedom
But the chosen are few
Can’t you see the battle
That’s waged for your soul
You’re on the losing side
Your “prince” will eat you whole

Listen to this rally
To save yourselves
To give you life
To save your soul from Hell

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2010-2012 Poems

Today is a new day.
I chased the sunrise,
I chased the waves.
I followed the bees,
Smelt the flowers.
I felt the sand on my feet,
The cool, salty breeze on my face.
Met some fishermen,
And captured a bull’s gaze.
Watched the ebbing of the tide,
As the pigeons flew by.
I sat on a rock,
And stared at the blue sky.
I walked on the shore,
Drew on the sand.
Saw a lost baby slipper,
And hurt my right hand.
I breathe in all these…
Thank God for life.
Today is a new day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(c)jerlin 14Nov12; Samila Beach, Thailand

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How Beautiful the Morn

Light and Dark

Shifting shadows round my head
As I lie in my bed
The morning sun, rising red
How beautiful the morn!

Death it comes all too fast
Makes life precious; make it last
Sweet sadness fade to past
How beautiful the mourn!

New life comes, when old’s gone
Like a babe, like a fawn,
Baby child’s life’s first dawn
How beautiful their morn!

These things I think on in my bed,
With shifting shadows round my head
God’s morning sun, so bright red
How beautiful the morn!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Stayed up all night last night during a sleepover.... as I watched the morning rise, this poem came to me. Hope you like it!

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My Precious Addiction

Today I saw you,
Carrying my coffee cup.
Once half full,
Until you drank it all up.

Our Precious addiction,
for a simple morning comfort.

While, you carry,
A spilled cup of loyalty,
and my lingering heart.

I keep you up all night,
and your mind will never rest.

Boy, you carried my coffee cup,
that metallic shade of green,
And yet, you walk right by me,
you always were so scene...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The boy I had a crush on had the same coffee mug as me. Ah to be young again!

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Dormir en paz
Shauq hombre
por la manana
cuando se despierta
te estrae esperando
para usted..

De lamano
a traves de la
jargin de la vida.

El olor de la encantadors
tocar las rosas
Nuestra noche de suenos
se hara realidad
por la manana.



Sleep in peace
Shauq Man

In the morning
when you awake
I will be waiting
for you.

Hand in hand
we will walk
through the
garden of life

Smell the lovely
touch the roses

Our night dreams
will become
reality in the morning.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dormir en paz Shauq hombre.

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Domire in paace
shauq man
al mattino
quando ti sveglia
per voi,

Mano nella mano
noi cammineremo
attraverso il
giardino della vita.

Annsa la bella
toccare le rose.

La nostra notte sogni
diventera realta
al mattino.


Sleep in peace
shauq man
In the morning
when you awake
Iwill be waiting
for you.

Hand in hand
we will walk
through the
garden of life.

Smell the lovely
touch the roses

Our night dreams
will become
reality in the

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sleep in peace Shauq Man
when you awake
I will be waiting for you.


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