Only at Night

Just a thought!

You are the one that makes the rules,

my days spent alone, without a touch.

Daylight is my enemy.

You pass me by, like I didn't exist,

not a glance or thought to use me.

Only darkness of night brings solace.

I wait next to the bed for your touch.

The lights go out, you turn me on.

My body lights up the shadows.

I glow like embers in your eyes...

For, I am your night light'






Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Only at Night" am I useful.

Half Past Asleep

Eyes open only to
The stillness of early morning,
I lie in the comfort of my bed,
Warm, soft, still half asleep,
Everything is so quiet, peaceful,
Daylight is just showing itself
Through the blinds on my windows,
Exhilaration without movement, or sound,
All that I feel at this moment
Is still in a place far away from
This reality I am awakening to,
I will savor what pieces of it I can
Throughout this day.




6:09 AM 5/10/2013 ©

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I Dream By Day

I dream by day,
When thoughts provoke
And wonders awoke.
I dream by morning and noon,
When the sky is so blue,
The sun glistens high,
When you can wonder why.

I dream of wonder,
Or galore and splendor,
Of fear and strife,
Of equality and rights.

I dream utopia,
The incredible impossibility,
A topic so often raised,
My vision different from all,
My view only my own,
Can't see other's thoughts.
They can't see mine.

I dream of freedom,
Of wings that fly
And legs that run and run,
I dream of blissful skies
And the depth below.

I dream of dreams,
Of wishes and hopes,
Of the great human flaw
To hope the impossible,
To wish the unthinkable.

I dream by day,
Thinking about the night,
Wondering what the birds are doing,
Wishing I could take flight,
Leave it all,
Condemn this blight.

I dream,
I dream of wonder,
Of horror,
Of splendor
And dreary dismal.
Nothing is ever perfect.
Not even dreams.

I am a dreamer,
Don't worry about calculations,
Those numbers always floating,
I dream of paint and letters,
Of art and writing,
Music and acting,
I dream of the sky,
Stop to think,
Wonder why.

I dream by day,
Nothing's always okay,
I know,
That's why I dream,
For the world to be well
But without the boredom.

I dream because you'd be surprised
How often
A single dream
Can change the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only by night." -Edgar Allen Poe


The quote I live by. I dream by day.