There is a wonderful phenomenon in the mountains beginning around five

It’s when the evening is retreating and the morning comes alive.


You wake up to the darkness and a stillness in the air

Then gradually there are things around of which you are aware.


Gently, almost imperceptibly the nightfall begins to shift  

As the ebony blanket of evening slowly starts to lift.


Yes, out of the evening’s remnants the morning begins to peek

And from somewhere in the darkness the first bird begins to speak.


She is quickly followed by another, then another sings her song

Until the mountain is a symphony of birds harmoniously singing along.


With the lifting of night’s blanket the day can now expand

And you stand in awe as the sunlight glides across the land.


Then before you know it all around you everything is bright

And you marvel at how right before your eyes the day replaced the night.


You feel lucky to be a witness watching a brand new day arrive


And blessed to experience the wonder, when the morning comes alive. 

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