Wink and a Smile

Your eyes embody the truth-
As your words are naught.
Screaming out are your pupils
Periwinkle in hue. Multiple dimensions.
Cradle your tears
Sweet wallowing trail down-
Surround the mouth that deceives;
Dissolve and disappear into your soft fibbing lips.

Imagination of the spectacular 
As thy tales evolve.
Doth not feel pity?
Mayhap not!
But your eyes mirror your soul.
The eyes-
For your eyes strung my heart strings.
Blinded me and guided me-
To a cesspool of deception.

Your eyes, my love.
Are the reasons for my adoration.
Possess the innocence-that might be
As your fiction is merely a representation of your jaded thoughts and broken swears.
You hide behind these curtains-
But fall to the ground.
Just look at what you've become.
Me, a victim of your defective love.

Golden engraved lashes.
Cursive lullabies spiral around each stem-
Complement your pearl-like cornea.
Hold your powder blue iris-
Your cloudy crystals-
Infused with majestic peaks and meadows.
The pupil-
Blackened and sees all.
Express novels of nonfiction.
Blink without suspicion.
For the truth is the only language known.

Please don't speak-
Thy eyes tell it all. 
They adorn yet warn-
As your voice destroys. 
A babbling brook of devastation
Synthetic waves crash into my burgundy vital muscle-
Beating as your words twist thorns-penetrate- 
And sparkle won't my naive DNA.
Cold- red cells glaze to grey- Shriveled and stricken to dots.
1,2,3,4,5- alive no longer my amour.
For they have won.
An empty case- hypnotized by two black eyes.
Mislead by words of deceit. 

Tension grows.
Just think of my feelings-
Before you mutter once more.
Aware of your tricks.
Still you're the one I'll always pick-
As your lies dig daggers into my spine.
For as long as your eyes exist- you're the one I'll miss.
Never to be deceived by your eyes.

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Eyes squint,
A new day,
Birds chirp,
Footsteps heard,
Squeaky floor,
But not a word,
Hallway light clicks,
Kitchen sink,
Water runs,
Smell of coffee,
Day begun,
Alarm sounding,
Snooze button,
Now you're counting,
Blinds open,
With sunshine,
Yawning and stretching,
A wink of your eye,
Mug is ready,
You take a sip,
When you're done,
I kiss your lips,
Monday morning,
A new week,
Then I pause,
I kiss your cheek,
Clothes and shower,
Hair and shoes,
Eggs an bacon,
Maybe news,
Dawn til nightime,
Work past ten,
Tomorrow morning,
We do it again.


5:54 AM 4/28/2013 ©

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